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A Lifesize conference room system paired to a Lifesize subscription must have an active Lifesize DSS contract at all times to be paired to the Lifesize cloud-based service. This ensures that the conference room system can stay current on software updates, which is necessary when paired to the service.


As long as you maintain an active DSS contract, your systems will stay paired to the Lifesize service and you can benefit from DSS-specific product features.  If a customer declines DSS on their paired devices they will be un-paired from their cloud subscription.  


Lifesize DSS contracts are required for devices paired to the Lifesize Cloud - Based Service.

DSS includes:

  • Help desk support
  • Automatic Software updates (bug patches/security vulnerabilities, feature enhancements)
  • Advanced Hardware replacements
  • Pairing to Lifesize Service


Device features included when paired to Lifesize Cloud:

  • Centralized device management – Manage your conference room systems, update and maintain your directory, run reports, customize features and more all from one, centralized place.
  • System and status reporting – Track usage and performance of your conference room systems and get insightful data like the number of calls, minutes, users and average call time for your organization.
  • Real-time alerts and health monitoring – Know immediately when something’s amiss with your Lifesize Icons via automatic email alerts. (Imagine knowing if something is unplugged before your CEO starts a call!)
  • Customization of Lifesize Phone HD – Customize the home screen buttons and time zones of your Lifesize Phone HD attached to a Lifesize Icon to make connecting as easy as possible for your organization’s unique needs.
  • Presence-enabled directory – Simplify dialing with a pre populated, search-based directory that indicates which conference room systems are available. No long dial strings, just call, connect and collaborate.
  • Automatic directory synchronization – Make a change in your directory and have it automatically appear and sync across all your connected conference room systems, saving you time (and lots of walking from room to room).
  • Calendar integration – Sync your calendar with your Lifesize® IconTM room system to see a list of upcoming meetings and easily join a meeting directly from your Lifesize device.
  • Click-to-call dialing – Start a call with the touch of a button. Seriously — it’s that easy.
  • Guest calling – Invite your customers, partners and anyone else inside or outside of your organization to connect over video directly from their web browser or one of the many interoperable third-party devices or apps.
  • NAT/Firewall traversal – Maintain a secure perimeter and keep your Lifesize conference room systems safely behind your firewall while we manage firewall traversal through our global calling nodes. 


Hat tip to jayschill for putting together this comprehensive and informative post regarding our Lifesize Cloud Subscription and DSS requirements!

Two security flaws, dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, have been made public this week. There are many articles in the news discussing the security exposures, so it is important that we share some information about how Lifesize is handling the exposures.


First and foremost, we have addressed the exposures in the Lifesize Cloud. The necessary patches have been applied.


Second, our video conferencing systems, including the Icon and 220 series, are not susceptible to the exposures.  The exposures require malicious code running on a CPU to gain access to secure data.  These systems are secure appliances where there is no ability to install and run third party code.


Third, we are patching all of our internal IT infrastructure and systems to ensure their security.   We recommend that all customers take similar action in their own IT environment.

Once again thanks to those of you who have been contributing bug and feature requests to the new apps beta program. Many of you reported that you would like a way to change your camera while in a call. Ask no more, feel free to start swapping cameras and audio devices even in a call.


Just open the extra settings and click on Camera and audio sources button.



One of the top asked questions with the new desktop app is "how do I enable the app to auto start"? We have moved desktop app specific features to the system tray in Windows and the menu bar of OS X. Clicking the Lifesize icon will let you chose to "Start Lifesize at Login", just give it a check and you are all done.  Enjoy!


Enable or Disable Auto Login.gif

As a reminder to previously announced changes, to ensure sufficient capacity to handle the increasing call traffic on the service, we have expanded the UDP port range used. We currently use ports 10000 to 28000.


If your company has implemented firewall policies that are specific to the port numbers used in Lifesize Cloud, you must update your policy to include the new expanded range (10000 to 28000). Please refer to the Opening ports page under Configure Lifesize Cloud in Lifesize Cloud Help for additional information.


If you have no firewall policies specific to the port numbers used in Lifesize Cloud, then there is no action necessary on your part.