Ladies and Gentlemen Please Update your idP Settings

Blog Post created by rmaloney Employee on Sep 15, 2015

This post has been updated to reflect a change to the RelayState URL: https://webapp.lifesizecloud.com/?ent=<enterprise_id>



If you are one of the lucky customers taking advantage of our SSO feature then there is a small update that we would like to recommend to your RelayState information. Prior to the Web App release we directed everyone to manage.lifesizecloud.com, now that the Web App is out the new recommended setting is to point to webapp.lifesizecloud.com


For existing SSO enabled customers:

If you are interested this requires a configuration change on their idP console. Presently your RelayState will be = https://manage.lifesizecloud.com?ent=<enterprise_id>.

To take advantage of the idP initiated flow to Web App you will need to change the RelayState to = https://webapp.lifesizecloud.com/?ent=<enterprise_id>


Thank you!


- Robert