• VMR Creation Restrictions

    15 votes
    Can there be a way of preventing users from creating VMR's, as we have many customer's who are hitting their limits?
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  • Organize Directory and Contacts into Groups

    50 votes
    Hi we have a number of situations where both the clients directory and contacts would benefit from the ability to create logical groups to categorize the contacts.   This is of particular importance when deployi...
    Michael Green
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  • Pinpoint key participants in the layout

    Pending Review
    29 votes
    Ability to select which participants should be displayed in the layout during videoconferences bigger than 13 participants. This could support meetings where more than one lecturer should be video enabled permanently ...
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  • CLOUD Dashboard should have a 'submit a support ticket' button.

    30 votes
    Customer's looking to get a button on the manage.lifesizecloud.com dashboard for submitting support tickets.       "Opening a trouble ticket from my dashboard ought to be a no brainer. Maybe I'm the no...
    last modified by skythespy
  • Create meeting links from admin console

    Pending Review
    13 votes
    This idea was requested by Perinatal Associates of New Mexico. They would like the ability to copy a meeting link from the manage console, rather than only from the app.   For admins who would prefer not log...
    last modified by jofczarzak
  • Lifesize cloud layout control

    Pending Review
    57 votes
    I would like to propose an idea for the LifeSize cloud solution. I would like to see the ability to have the ability to control the LifeSize cloud layout by meeting and or by user. This a user can control the layout t...
    last modified by dave.dickhout@pelican.com
  • Admins should always have moderator controls

    Pending Review
    19 votes
    It would be very helpful if any member of our AV support team could mute/unmute any participant in a meeting. With it limited to the moderator, we've had issues where the moderator is set to be a Icon, where we only h...
    last modified by nate.cook
  • Ability to join a "Skype" or "Microsoft Teams" meeting from Lifesize Cloud

    146 votes
    As per the title, this is a feature request to add the ability to join a "Skype meeting" or "Microsoft Teams meeting" from a Lifesize Cloud attached device. Today despite being able to call both to and from SfB (Skype...
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  • Full Screen Video - Windows

    Pending Review
    7 votes
    Is it possible to have the video participants take up the entire screen?  We currently have a lot of black space especially with only one remote participant. This is in windows clients. Have tried multiple reso...
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  • Feature request: In Multipoint calls, automatically detect and remove "video muted" participants from layouts

    124 votes
    You have all participated in such calls, where some people kick-in the "Video Mute" feature, and their frame is a nice blue or black still image.   Quite often, if there are more than 13 participants in the call...
    last modified by mmoszynski
  • Feature Request - Personal Invite Email Templates

    166 votes
    I request that the Clients (ClearSea, Video and Cloud, if all available) be able to save and choose from email templates when inviting people to meetings, or to call them. This would allow our customers to personalize...
    last modified by jsaylor
  • Feature Request - Lifesize App language choice as guest

    Pending Review
    18 votes
    Hello community and sorry for my poor english.   It looks like at the 1st start Lifesize App doesn't allow to change the language. So, a guest or an unauthenticated Lifesize user have the interface in English by...
    last modified by ocazal
  • NOW AVAILABLE | Upcoming Meeting View

    Get easy access to your Lifesize meetings!   We’ve added a new button in the left navigation menu in the Lifesize web and desktop apps. Simply click Upcoming, connect your Google and/or Office 365® ca...
    last modified by elizabethh
  • ICON Monitoring with SNMP

    Pending Review
    13 votes
    Add display and microphone status in SNMP MIB.
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  • Date and Time on all Participants in a meeting

    Pending Review
    4 votes
    Have the date and time of each participants that joined and left a meeting in the Call History.  This would be for either registered users or guests and audio only callers.   I have attached a sample.&#...
  • Require name for One Time Meeting in Outlook plugin

    Pending Review
    2 votes
    As an administrator, I am seeing an uptick in the number of One Time meetings in our console with names like:   Meeting 498xxx Meeting 400xxx   Etc...   This is less than ideal from a management per...
    last modified by dave.reichert
  • Restore Admin deployed and updated version of Lifesize Cloud

    28 votes
    Pre-installing applications during deployment of our workstations is a necessary part of our process.    The new Lifesize App requires each user to install this application in their own AppData folder, and ...
    last modified by dowens81625
  • When on a video call using an Icon system with a Lifesize Phone, where do you prefer to hear the audio?

    Wanted to get some customer feedback on how you all set up your conference rooms. Let me know what you prefer!
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  • What do you do with the Lifesize Camera Lens Cap?

    Lifesize HD cameras typically receive a lens cap in the factory, mostly to protect it while it ships. Once you receive the system and unbox for the first time, what do you do with the lens cap?
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  • Interactive Whiteboards and your Organization?

    Please let us know the current state of interactive whiteboards (smart boards, e-boards, surfaces, etc.) that are used for collaboration in your organization. If you have any other feedback to share, please add i...
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