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We are happy to announce a reengagement promotion for all of our existing core accounts! All customers that purchase a discounted implementation success service will be moved to a small account and unlock 100 user licenses at no additional cost! Please see the attached one-pager data sheet for additional promotion details! 



Professional Services Reengagement Promotion for Lifesize Core Accounts 


Hats Off and Thank You

Posted by michaelt Jun 6, 2018

I don't really 'goodbye' well. That is, I just don't like doing it. It is difficult, you always leave out important people you want to thank and you never say exactly what you want to say. With all that, I've held very public positions for the last 12 years and find that when I leave those positions, I need to say goodbye to more and more people.


When I came to Lifesize, back in October of 2014, the company was transitioning. We were moving from a dedicated on-premises solution to a flexible, cloud-based, cutting edge solution. We were re-inventing ourselves. I was part of that re-invention, and I appreciate the opportunity I was given. As part of a new wave of thought and leadership, we became more transparent and more open to hearing, responding, and delivering on the wants and needs of a larger audience. In my opinion, this community was and remains at the heart of that movement. Whether you are a partner, a customer, a product manager, a support rep, a customer success advocate, a champion, a reviewer, a promoter, a detractor (yes, you all rock), part of our legal, marketing, HR, engineering, finance, or operations teams -- every one of you have helped this community and me.


As I move on with my career, I know what I am leaving behind here, and I hope you all know that I enjoyed meeting you, working with you, and knowing you -- in person and virtually. You drive the future of Lifesize, and I want only the best for the company.


Thank you,



hats off clipart free

A huge thank you to Rich DeBrino ( richdwa ) for being our member of the quarter from Jan through March of 2018. He may be stepping down, but we know he will continue his engagement in the community. As I'm sure you are all aware, the member of the quarter title does not go to people for what they might do, but to acknowledge those who have had an impact in our community. People who have helped; who have forwarded the product; who have provided answers to questions and pushed our technology. 


All our past members of the quarter have done so, and this quarter is no exception. With no further ado, the new member of the quarter is Stefan Van Hoof (svanhoof). If you have had the pleasure of engaging with Stefan in person, you know he is warm, while also quite capable of cutting to the chase. He represents his customers and our partners within the community and makes sure their voices are heard throughout the business. 


Some of you may not see as many of his posts as you could because his is most active within the BeNeLux partner community here, but know that he has your back.


Thank you Stefan for being the engaged advocate you are and congratulations on donning the mantle of member of the quarter.


New Member of the Quarter

Posted by michaelt Jan 9, 2018

What can I say? What can anyone really say? Matt (mcook) was a fantastic member of the quarter, and I know he will continue to work hard at every turn to help everyone he can. That's in his DNA. It's the Lifesize DNA. And, Matt is simply a great guy and a fantastic Sales Engineer.

So... who can follow that cymbal crash? 

Rich can. Rich DeBrino brings it as our newest member of the quarter. Rich is a busy CEO over at Dynamic Collaborative Solutions, Inc, but he makes time for the Lifesize Community. Many of you have probably seen his helpful posts:

And that's just a few.

Follow this man and expand your knowledge... he is a fount. 


Welcome to the ranks, sir ( richdwa ).

We are very happy to announce the Lifesize Professional Service offerings! These offerings are designed to help us achieve our shared goals of a great initial experience for our customers and delivering continued value throughout their lifetime with us! Customer Obsession is one of our core values so it only makes sense that as our business grows and we learn more about what customers expect and need from our solution; we listen.  Today, we announce our new Professional Services offerings to ensure every customer has an amazing onboarding experience and gets their desired business outcomes from their Lifesize solution.   After thousands of implementations, our Lifesize Customer Success team has found the perfect formula to ensure customers realize time to value as quickly as possible and continue to benefit and deliver value to their businesses. After all, making our customers look like heroes is part of our job! Our goal is to increase adoption and make the implementation a stress-free process for our customers’ entire organization. We are with you every step of the way. For more information on our offerings, please review the attached one-pagers below.


Service One Pagers -

Implementation Success Service One Pager

Implementation Success Service Pro One Pager

Deployment Project Management Service One Pager

Video Readiness Assessment One-Pager


Product Name

Recommended Cloud Account for Service

Implementation Success Service Premium 10/20 Americas/EMEA


Premium 10/20

Fast Start


Implementation Success Service Pro Premium 20/1,000 Users Americas/EMEA


Premium greater than 20

Enterprise less than 1,000 


Lifesize Cloud Deployment Project Management Pro Services (8 weeks) - CONUS, Canada, and EMEA

Enterprise greater than 1,000


Firstly, thank you Nate (nate.cook) for being our member of the quarter last quarter and being a fantastic citizen of the community. You rocked it (the (2nd) British invasion might be influencing my language choice)! Thank you for your continued use of the Enterprise support group and your participation in the community at large.


Now, as if Matt Cook (mcook) needed any introduction, I am happy to welcome him to the front page of our community. Matt has been a champion of the community, as well as an early adopter, since our fledgling beginnings. He has authored over 100 posts and participated in over 270. He is an incredible asset to Lifesize as our UKINE Sales Engineer and a knowledge powerhouse. Matt is always ready to help, and you can find his answers all over the community.


Thank you for all you do and this has, I'm sure, been overdue.






So, if we go back to the first British invasion, would you be a Mod or a Rocker? Who am I kidding giving only 2 choices? I'm sure you'd blaze your own path.


In the Wake of Harvey...

Posted by michaelt Sep 11, 2017

My mother taught me to give to those in need. She also taught me to do so without fanfare and without drawing attention to my actions.... But, I cannot be silent and turn a blind eye to what our team at Lifesize has done, sorry mom.

You may have noticed that the Community store lost a few items over the last week or so... With our neighbors to the east of us struggling with the destruction of Harvey, our Marketing team (chelsia) reminded me of our stock of boxers. Warm, dry, and on their way to Houston.

The team here at Lifesize has a long tradition of helping when our global community is in need. Since the need is so close to our headquarters here in Austin, it was great to be able to provide a physical item that we knew would go to immediate good use.

Of course, the Lifesize team never stops, so we mobilized and, as you can see in the pics below, offered much more to the cause. We continue to collect both physical items and monetary donations to help our neighbors. This is only the beginning. Donations are set to be delivered for the next 2 Fridays after last Friday's items.


...just one of the ways we make every day matter

This is about culture, about people, about doing what is right for the greater good.


annies,, and dsemyon pictured above.


I'm proud to be an employee of Lifesize, to work with people who think large and think about what they can do for others.

A big thank you to schepsmel (Dwayne Reese) for being our Member of the Quarter and a big welcome to our latest Member of the Quarter, Nate Cook.


Nate has been a member for over a year and in that time he has created 9 ideas for feature requests, helping us innovate and consider new options to add to and extend our products. He has also been an incredibly active user of the Enterprise Secret Group option (The specified item was not found.). Nate actively opens support tickets through the community and is able to share the answers with everyone at his company. While Enterprise Secret Groups allow anyone in the group to create a support inquiry, it is also a place where interested members of his team can view past tickets and see the status of those requests. ...he also gets points for his activity in there .


Welcome and thank you, Nate, for being our latest Member of the Quarter.

Lifesize Customer Success Team Wins Bronze Stevie® Award 2017


Lifesize Customer Success Team Wins Bronze Stevie Awards 2017

I’m honored and excited to share that our amazing Customer Success team received a bronze Stevie® Award for Customer Service Team of the Year in the 15th Annual American Business Awards.

More than 3,600 nominations from organizations of all sizes and virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.

At Lifesize, we are unconditionally dedicated to making customers happy by living our core value of Customer Obsession. It’s a great honor for us to be recognized for the second time by the American Business Awards as one of the top customer service departments in the country. Our world-class Customer Success team is built on diversity, enthusiasm and — above all else — ‘Service DNA’ that motivates them to engage strategically, creatively and passionately with customers in any situation. They are champions of Customer Obsession, and I’m so proud of each and every one of them!

In looking through the judges’ comments, I was so thrilled to see that our passion for Customer Obsession was obvious to them too. In fact, some commented:

  • “This company is definitely 'Customer obsessed' — a great achievement indeed.”
  • “Tangible accomplishments, and the story of their achievements is impressive.”
  • “All I can say is well done.”

Although we’re so happy to wear this “crown” (the award is known as the “Stevies,” taken from the Greek word meaning “crowned”), we’d like to hand it over to our customers as they are the reason we love what we do every day!

I always feel a little nostalgic when we have to say goodbye to a familiar face on the front page of the community... Mike Gunderson ( has been an incredible member of the quarter. He was our second guest blogger here on the community blog (Using Lifesize Icon 400 and Cloud for Dual Credit Teaching). Of course, he continues to participate in the community... sharing his use cases and perspectives as an educator using the service. Thank you, sir.


Without further ado, let me introduce our newest member of the quarter is Dwayne Reese (schepsmel) ...


He has been a voice on the community since its inception (literally joining after the site was live only 9 days) and is a huge advocate of end users, community, and Lifesize. When I implemented the Enterprise support groups, he was one of the first to reach out and ask for a demo. Dwayne has created 29 unique pieces of content, many questions which help our community self-help and grow their own knowledge, and participated in over 45 other conversations, including feature requests and discussions.


Congratulations, Dwayne!



Yes, that's an internet high-five up there in the banner.


Community Survey!

Posted by michaelt Jan 26, 2017

Hi everyone,

It is a bit later than I expected in coming ... but, I sincerely hope you'll take a few minutes and respond to our community survey: LIfesize Community Survey.


I'm really looking forward to seeing your answers and doing our best to persist, codify, or modify the site as your responses dictate.


Thank you all!




Oh, and you'll receive 500 points for taking the survey, if you want them -- just provide your email associated with your login id, so I can look you up.


Taking a Glance Back

Posted by michaelt Jan 3, 2017

2016 was an incredible year. I've mentioned before that I pull reports to provide the 'E' team here at Lifesize some important health aspects of our community. One of those reports highlights the top 10 pieces of content over the last week. It's always nice to see that newer content is often in our top 10... that is, you, the community, our membership, our customers, partners, and colleagues are interested in what is being posted.


The Top 10 of 2016

I thought I'd take a quick look backward at the content which made the biggest mark in 2016. Have a look, maybe it will surprise you... maybe you'll find a gem you didn't realize was here, something to delight.


Lifesize Technical Specialist (LTS) - Worldwide

This is the home base article for our Technical Specialist content and exam. Great to see it come in #1 in our view count. A special thanks to our Sales Engineering team who keep this content fresh and relevant.


Are there any Cloud testing locations like the fish tanks? (redirects here: Lifesize - Demo / Test sites )

If you're looking for locations to call and test your setup... here they are. Of course, don't forget you can use the testcall function, too.


Admin Username and Password Reset

Need to reset your username and password on a device you've just been asked to manage? Maybe you inherited equipment from someone how didn't keep the best notes... it happens, right? Fingers crossed for SSH access.


Firmware to resolve H323 & SIP attack

Nobody likes spam... we released a solution some time back. Glad people are still finding it.


Release Notes - Lifesize Cloud

Well, as with the next one, this is very good to see. Love that having a simple, open, central place for Release Notes is serving our customers well.


Release Notes - Lifesize Icon Series

As I said... rather wild that these are 5th and 6th top viewed. Great to see!


Attention Lifesize Cloud Account Administrators: Additional UDP Ports Required for Lifesize Cloud Calls

When we require new ports, new resources, new anything, we want you to know. This was to help us expand and provide even more quality global coverage.


Cloud Onboarding Guide

This is the companion guide to our fantastic Customer Success Advocate-lead training. If for some reason you can't make a class (Events and Training Calendar), looks like you are still finding the resources you need.


COMING SOON: A New and Improved Way to Join a Meeting from Lifesize Cloud Web App and Redesigned Call Me and Download Pages

You let us know that the ramp into a call could be too steep... that your guests needed a smoother path. We listened.


Lifesize Server and Tunnel Gateway IP Address List

IPs change... especially in the cloud. We know there are some of you who need to whitelist those cloud-based IPs... We needed a place to tell you about that and it looks like you are finding it.



Thank you all for a fantastic 2016. I know 2017 will be even better!





Happy New Year!

Posted by michaelt Jan 2, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope the holidays have treated all our customers and partners to a restful, safe, and reflective time. I know I am looking forward to a year of new beginnings and continued good directions. I look forward to watching, guiding, and seeing the voice of our customer produce positive change in our offerings and ensuring your voice is heard.


Speaking of which, I will be asking for your participation in a brief survey on how you use and how you would like to see the community improved. I should have that out to you all in about a week. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Look for that soon.


My sincerest wish that your new year is off to a great start.


Making Everyday Matter

Posted by michaelt Nov 17, 2016

This past Tuesday, a group of Lifesizers headed over to the Austin Animal Shelter to walk the dogs, spend time with the cats, and drop off some donations from the crew here. dsemyon corralled some folks to provide the animals a brief walk, some time with a friend, and/or just some time to chill out.


Truth be told, the volunteers look just as happy to be hanging out with their 4-legged friends as the animals.


Making everyday matter can be about the code, the sale, supporting the field... sometimes it is about compassion.



Lifesizers give back.


New Member of the Quarter

Posted by michaelt Oct 11, 2016

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to introduce kpinkham as our latest Member of the Quarter. Kevin is one of our Sales Engineers here at Lifesize and is a great asset to the community. I hadn't really thought of putting one of our own employees in the spotlight, until I started looking at the stats this man has stacked up. In the last 3 months, Kevin has had 25 of his answers marked correct and 50 of his comments or post liked. Those are impressive and incredibly helpful. So, hats off to you, sir and everyone please welcome Kevin as our latest member of the quarter., thank you for being our Member of the Quarter for the last 3 months, sir.