1000 Cloud Customers and 1000 Community Members – a Day of Thousands

Blog Post created by michaelt on Apr 2, 2015

This is a great week! The planets must have aligned; the convergence is at hand; the sun is back in Austin, Texas; spring is here; and, we have 1000 customers using our cloud solution in less than a year and over 1000 members in our community. Yes, you heard right… or read right, as the case may be.


We have 1000 companies using our cloud solution. This is an incredible milestone to hit in under a year and we are so happy to have your trust and confidence.


Near and dear to my heart, we crossed the 1000 member mark in our community late last week, also. I can’t begin to express how incredibly happy I am every morning to see the activity, the Q and A, the ideas, the discussion that are blooming in the community. You make my day (and not in the Dirty Harry way)! You are making the community a success and in double time. Averaging 250 member registrations a week is something even established communities struggle to do. You have made this possible in only one month.


Please keep the ball rolling and the enrollment growing. Tell your friends and colleagues about us. The Lifesize community provides answers, information about the best cloud solution for collaboration and video conferencing, and a way to know your comments, questions, and needs about all our products are listened to by the full range of Lifesizers. Everyone is listening.


Thank you from all of us at Lifesize, and thank you so much personally…