Giving Back and Swag Rewards -- the Community Store

Blog Post created by michaelt on Apr 9, 2015

The Premise

Giving back is one of the main drives for anyone involved in communities. Listening to you, our customers, acting on your wants and needs, your helping one another, answering each other’s questions, these are the essence of a vibrant interactive discourse. What this does not guarantee and should never be expected to provide is perfect harmony. As I have said before, out of (respectful) discord comes change. When one person sees an issue, another sees a challenge, and another sees a solution. This is the daily commerce of community.

The Store

From the beginning, I’ve wanted to reward interaction, ideas, your knowledge, and your aid. We are launching a points-based store. What does that mean? Well, the points you earn for creating ideas, voting, answering polls, creating discussion thread, and commenting all go into your reputation points (Badges and Points). There is another container of points which are spendable. If you head over to the store, you will see that you can purchase items from our store with points. These are your spendable points. Initially, they are the same in number. Your reputation points never go down, but purchasing subtracts from your spendable points. This means you will never drop down the leaderboards for purchasing items from the store.

The Swag

What’s in the store? Well, of course you can just go look (https://community.lifesize.com/store), but I’ll throw some pictures on the wall here, too:



Please share more ideas for store items here: Favorite SWAG

Getting There

To find the store, click your avatar in the header and select Store in the menu. That's it.

Before You Buy

Please make sure your profile contains your shipping address and phone number. You don't need to reveal your phone number or that address to anyone, but we need it to send you your purchase. For more information about editing your profile, see Updating Your Profile and Your Privacy Settings. If you have a home address listed, we will use it. Otherwise, we will use what is listed in your location. Please make it complete. You do not need to reveal the information to the community.


I will try to ship purchases weekly. New territory for us... so please be patient as we work through the twists and turns.


I'm incredibly excited! Keep the great content coming, my friends.