Moving with the times

Blog Post created by garybews on Sep 11, 2015

I thought I'd share with you my experience moving from Lifesize Room & Express 220 to Icon 600 and cloud and our continuing journey.


In 2010 our company made a significant investment in terms of Video Conferencing facilities to increase our collaboration across the group by purchasing a number of Lifesize Room and Express units, which were impressively easy to use HD (high-definition) units that proved to be invaluable at the time. The picture quality was excellent and the cost was significantly less than comparable products.


The picture quality was enhanced by compression and a boost to perceptual quality by using techniques such as reduction of compression artefacts, cutting out spatial redundancies, and minimizing temporal redundancies. The picture quality was also adjusted to match available bandwidth and there was support for older standards that enables you to setup Video Conferences with locations that have older systems.


Setup and configuration was a fairly simple process that made these units the most user-accessible HD Video Conferencing systems around.


The only downside to these units came not from a user aspect, it was the administration that could cause a headache. Having to manually download and administer firmware upgrades and amendments to the address book could be tedious when administering group wide.


At the beginning of 2014 the company made the decision to invest in the latest Lifesize technology and move towards a more cloud based solution. In my view the best move we’ve made to date.


The company invested in the Icon 600 units and adopted the cloud platform. The Icon 600s have been designed from the ground up and have simplified not only the user interface. Administration is simplicity in itself. There is no need to administer an address book the system takes care of this for you. There is no need to apply firmware updates, this is scheduled during silent hours and works seamlessly.


The remote control of the Room & Express 220 units has been replaced with an ultra-simple remote control with a graphic user interface. The whole system is as simple to use as your average smartphone.


The Icon 600 with 10x Camera delivers 10x optical zoom, support for 1080p30 video and delivers immersive image quality in a range of light conditions, even in low-light environments. The picture quality is superb and there are PIP (picture-in-picture) options.


Recently Lifesize added the ability to make video recordings through the use of Lifesize Cloud Amplify and that is a real bonus. Recording and sharing video conferences and messages has never been easier.


From an administrative aspect the dashboard is a dream come true. Easy to use, yet containing a mind blowing amount of information at your fingertips. When asked to produce reports regarding Video Conferencing usage across the business this information is to hand in an easy to follow format. There are performance matrix clearly indicating the quality of the conferences taking place.


Lifesize are clearly innovators in this sector and have pushed the boundaries.