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So, I’m late getting this out there in front of everyone, but sometimes being late doesn’t hurt too much. Now, I have even more to write about.


Our new quarterly community member program (quite the tongue-twister …try it 3 times fast) highlights a member of the community who frequently engages and provides feedback, ideas, and both asks and answers questions. jwinterbottom, our first member to take these laurels, exemplifies all these attributes. I am watching and chatting with a number of you out there and I have a great feeling about next quarter’s member, too.


There are 2 other programs actively running on the community at the moment. One is the Advocacy program, where telling us your story and why you chose Lifesize as your solution gets you points and sending a shout out on social media gets you even more points. If you are interested in jumping up the leader boards and/or you’ve been eyeing the new swag in the store this is one of the ways to do so. Check out this space for the rules of engagement: Reviews: Your Voice on the Cloud


The other program centers on how you spread adoption of the cloud in your business. How did you get people to try it? How did you show them it was easy? How did you get people on board? Put some ideas together and post them here: Lifesize Cloud Adoption Strategies . Again, your post is worth points… points are worth reputation and position on the leaderboards and… well, they’re spendable.


I mean, really, check out sporting his new Lifesize shades



We’ve added a number of lower point options to the store, including ear buds, shades, cloud stressballs (when you just need to punch a hole in a cloud), and some dart, pingpong, and squirt guns for office warfare.

Be the first to foam dart your compatriot.


Cheers my friends,