Over 1 Million Guests Served

Blog Post created by rmaloney Employee on Dec 10, 2015

Greetings Cloudlings!


Did you know that since May 22, 2014 Lifesize Cloud has served over 1.1 million guest calls? Many of you here in the Lifesize Community may not even know how to make a guest call, you just know it works. We have multiple ways for your guest to join a call from any device and it is all dependent on the platform or browser they are using.


We have a How To video posted here for Chrome Guests

Joining a Lifesize Cloud Call from Google Chrome™ as a Guest


How To

  • The first step is to send a guest invite from the app. To do so, just click "Invite"
  • A guest receives your invite and clicks the URL, which takes them to the guest landing page associated with your invitation. (manage.lifesizecloud.com/#/call/(extension))
  • In the center of the screen on the guest landing page is a blue button that will either say "Call" or "Download". Lifesize Cloud detects the browser type and understands the best way for that person to connect. More detail on how the Lifesize Cloud intelligently decides is described below.


    • Chrome Browser:  The guest will see Call if they are using a Web App compatible browser. If so, Lifesize Cloud will prompt for their name and they can join the call. There’s nothing to install. The guest will use our web app, found at webapp.lifesizecloud.com.


    • Internet Explorer: The guest will see "Call". When clicking on Call, the guest will prompted to install a small plugin and then make a WebRTC call using client.lifesizecloud.com


    • Firefox/Safari: The guest will see "Download". When clicking  on Download, the guest will be guided through an installation of a computer application.


    • Mobile Devices: The guest will see "Download". The guest will be routed through the Play/App store to download the application and then guided through the app installation..


Tips and Tricks

  • Always send guests though the Guest Landing Page. This page has all the magic to route guests appropriately.
  • You can bookmark and share your Guest Landing Page link.


Technical Info

Today the Lifesize Cloud Web App which can be found at webapp.lifesizecloud.com, only works on Google Chrome browsers. We are taking steps to move away from the client.lifesizecloud.com WebRTC gateway which is designed to support our Internet Explorer guests. Very soon, we will enhance the official Lifesize Cloud Web App to support IE11 Guests and Paid subscribers. Once that happens, all Chrome and IE calls will route through the same set of servers using the webapp.lifesizecloud.com.


Now you know, so start inviting guests to call you on Lifesize Cloud and help us hit 2 million guest calls in record time.


Thank you for using Lifesize Cloud.


- robert