Software Version 2.9.0 for Lifesize Icon systems

Blog Post created by elizabethh Employee on Mar 2, 2016

Here are additional details on the content in Software Version 2.9.0 for Lifesize Icon systems.


Release Date for Lifesize Cloud: February 29, 2016

Expected Release Date for Lifesize Icon on-premises systems: March 7, 2016


Products Affected:

  • Lifesize Icon 400
  • Lifesize Icon 600
  • Lifesize Icon 800



  • Quick gestures have been added for Lifesize Phone HD attached to a Lifesize Icon system. (JIRA ICON-294)
  • When you’re not in a call, the Lifesize Icon on-screen menu will hide after 10 seconds. (JIRA ICON-329)
  • Automatic Reboot Scheduling can be enabled and set up via the command line. (JIRA ICON-287)
  • CLISH command to enable video mute for Lifesize Icon. (JIRA ICON-202)
  • CLISH command for End+Answer. (JIRA ICON-231)
  • CLISH now supports more tab commands. (JIRA ICON-241)
  • Transition to presentation from background shows local video. (JIRA ICON-327)
  • The Lifesize Icon splash screen has a white mark that is clearly visible on bigger monitors. (JIRA ICON-343)
  • When <Connection Lost, Please Wait..> is hit, 5 secs time-out causes Lifesize Icon to get disconnected from VMR after MCU Failover. (JIRA ICON-358)
  • Connection Lost, Please Wait... error overlay displayed momentarily after call connection. (JIRA ICON-365)
  • Lifesize Icon UI locks up during provisioning while loading directories. (JIRA ICON-377)
  • Lifesize Icon remains in mute state when moderator unmutes all. (JIRA ICON-378)
  • Lifesize Icon starts a loop of Muting>>Unmuting itself when user selects Mute button on RC after call connection. (JIRA ICON-379)
  • Unmute from Lifesize Icon's MIC is not working in MUTE ALL VMR call. (JIRA ICON-381)
  • Lifesize Icon unmutes itself when user mutes before call connection. (JIRA ICON-387)
  • Lifesize Icon auto answer mute is no longer working - answers as unmuted. (JIRA ICON-388)
  • Pressing presentation button causes momentary frozen self-image. (JIRA ICON-425)
  • Lifesize Icon MUTE will UNMUTE after a short time. (JIRA ICON-435)
  • Lifesize Icon 800 - No video on 2nd monitor port when connected to AMX video switcher. (JIRA ICON-258)
  • Camera feed intermittently goes black. (JIRA ICON-263)
  • Lifesize Icon paired to Lifesize Cloud shows "Communication Signaling Service Not Ready". (JIRA ICON-268)
  • Lifesize Icon 800 on Lifesize Cloud - Loss of camera and displays upon wake. (JIRA ICON-269)
  • Replace "Dual Stream" message with "Camera + Presentation" for Lifesize Phone HD. (JIRA ICON-383)
  • Camera displays strong tint or solid red. (JIRA CAMS-20)
  • Lifesize Icon - Lifesize Phone HD - Unable to add favorites when paired as user. (JIRA ICON-319)
  • Lifesize Phone HD: Screen too sensitive to touch. (JIRA ICON-376)
  • Lifesize Phone HD: Recording options showing up on a paired Lifesize Icon. (JIRA ICON-252)
  • Lifesize Phone HD: HOME Button is not translated properly to Spanish/Italian language. (JIRA ICON-279)
  • Lifesize Phone HD: PRESENT button on HOME UI is not translated properly in French language. (JIRA ICON-281)
  • Incorrect French Translation on Lifesize Phone HD. (JIRA ICON-391)
  • Lifesize Phone HD: Call Disconnect Button "END" is not translated properly for Russian language. (JIRA ICON-285)
  • Lifesize Phone HD: MUTE VIDEO not translated properly on Mustang HD UI for Swedish language. (JIRA ICON-286)
  • Lifesize Phone HD - Unable to dial from Favorites or Recents. (JIRA ICON-293)
  • Disable timeout during the Lifesize Phone HD diagnostics run. (JIRA ICON-437)
  • UI lock up - lsguid process stuck on a read operation - Affects Lifesize Phone and Lifesize Phone HD. (JIRA ICON-266)
  • During a VMR call with moderator, Lifesize Phone shows red led but is not really muted. (JIRA ICON-270)
  • Lifesize Phone UI locks up when Lifesize Icon is being provisioned. (JIRA ICON-338)
  • Missing icons on the Lifesize Phone UI. (JIRA ICON-364)
  • OSD freezes with message on Lifesize Phone "Graphical User Interface Not Ready". (JIRA ICON-421)