Strange Emails from a Community Member

Blog Post created by michaelt on Mar 17, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I just want to address the rather interesting email some of you received for a former member of the community. It is possible to join our community and be devious or strange for a short period of time. This is why those of you who are valid customers but use a gmail or yahoo account are moderated before joining. I have to validate who you are.

I have just added outlook.com and hotmail to that list. Our friend got around the moderation by using a hotmail account. Thank you for those of you who sent this to your rep or other contacts here at Lifesize. I have removed the offending account. But, should this happen again, and it probably will as we gain more and more members and catch the eye of those people out there that spam communities like ours, please feel free to send notifications to me.

We are, of course, not a dating site, and I apologize if you received one of the emails from this individual.


Thank you for patience,



I tried to make this a fun read... here are the community guidelines: Community Code of Conduct