Grow, Growing, Growth with the Lifesize Community

Blog Post created by michaelt on Apr 5, 2016

It's been a while since I shared some metrics on how our community is growing and expanding. I'm a metrics person. I send a full set of Lifesize Community metrics to the C-level every week. I summarize in an email, but I include the full reporting spreadsheet. Why? Because I work with metrics people. No one is satisfied with the tip of the iceberg. If they like what they see, they want to dive underneath and see the growth or melt.


We are growing. And the value of that growth, the value of answered questions; the value of your interactions and engagement is unquestionable.


So, I took a picture that brought a smile to my face and one that I hope illustrates our growth. My son comes home with a number of strange things from school. He's creative and sharp. But, he is sometimes a goof ...we've had the growing ET on our breakfast bar for most of the school year. I took it to work to bring it life... let's see if it really can grow 600% in days. Let's see if it can grow like the Lifesize Community.


Oh, since percent is always an interesting metric (there will always be a 600% on the chart versus some previous metric), let me give you our real growth.

We are 1 year and 2 months old.

We went from a closed, mostly overlooked community, to being a presence for change, help, and growth.

We went from 216 members in our first week (public launch) to 4149 at the end of last week. The following chart tracks the explosive growth of our community of knowledge.



If he grows like we have, he should make it out of the 1 liter bottle by the end of the week.*



Thank you all.




*No guarantees expressed or implied. He's a piece of plastic in a piece of plastic. I'll be happy if he really glows in the dark.