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Blog Post created by michaelt on Jul 19, 2016

Everyone, it is a good day!


So, there are all sorts of plays on IT and it in the world, but I guess I just had to add one. It's been a while since I pulled up the keyboard and banged out a global message... wait, that's not true. I announce a bunch of stuff. That said, those are usually super brief, one-liners announcements across the top of the community or a space page telling you we updated release notes or we completed a software push or that we up'd our bandwidth or need more ports.


None of that is the case here.


I want to tell you about 3 cool new features of the Lifesize Community site. Two surround support, while the other is to encourage you to rate your cloud experience on TrustRadius.


Rate and Review Lifesize Cloud on TrustRadius

Of course, you can give an honest review right here in the community, but we know that people looking for transparent and honest reviews sometimes doubt the veracity of reviews found on the vendor's site. This is one of the reasons I've never pushed super hard to get our members (you) to provide reviews here (Reviews: Your Voice on the Cloud ). Well, that's over. you don't have to review us in the community, but I encourage you to review us on TrustRadius. You'll find a quick NPS-type rating widget at the bottom of this post, but I would also encourage you to take the time to provide an in-depth review on the TrustRadius site. We want to be the number one choice in video conferencing and the collaborative meeting experience -- we provide a fantastic combination of web, cloud, chat, video, and meeting room hardware that can enhance any collaborative experience and destroy any barriers. Help us get the word out.


Okay, I spun off on the review part a bit... what are the new support features, you ask? *Humor me, I'm writing this in my office in the basement... I'd like to think you'd be asking *


Curating Support Content into One Space

Up there, in the banner, you'll see a new Support link. What's that about? Well, to provide more than one entrance into the community and, dare I say it... one that is more streamlined to the Q/A or break-fix type of needs some members are looking for, let me introduce the supportal portal into the Lifesize Community. From the supportal (I'm beginning to like that name), you can easily find the latest info in the Cloud space, the Endpoint space, the Knowledge Base, and the On-Premises space. **That's it, I'm naming it the Supportal.



Though, we didn't stop there, there are links to Lifesize University (where you can self-guide your learning about the products), the Getting Started space (where you can learn more about using the community), and the Events space (where you can sign up for live training with our Customer Success team). Of course, if you still need help, there are links to broader community, to our support ticket submission section of the website, and the product documentation. Looking for chat? It's still on the home page of community and in the Meet Your Support Team space.


Enterprise Support Without Leaving the Community

And finally... last, but not at all least, our Enterprise Customer Community support solution has arrived. If you are an Enterprise Customer, your Cloud Account Administrator has been sent an invitation to a secret group within the community. Your Cloud Account Administrator has been given full administrator control over this group, allowing him/her to invite others to the group.


Why? Good question.


A person belonging to the secret group is able to create support tickets without ever leaving the community. By clicking Create > Create a Case,



...selecting your company's group, providing case info, you will open a support ticket with our support reps.



Your secret space will allow you to see all your open cases, whether created within the community or not.



And, it will allow you to correspond back and forth with support on open cases created within the group. Cases are represented as questions.



If the Support Rep closes the case, it is marked Assumed Answered. If you mark the case answered, the internal Salesforce case will be closed. Real integration!


So, with all that said, the Cloud Account Admin can invite any of your company's members to the group and any member can open cases for issues they encounter.


Okay, way too long... but I hope you are all as excited as I am about the updates and changes!





P.S. -- Rate your Lifesize Cloud Video Collaboration experience on TrustRadius ...


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