Over Five Years Running... I Should Say Biking

Blog Post created by michaelt on Aug 30, 2016

As I've mentioned before, we do a lot of things here at Lifesize. We work hard to give you the best video and workplace collaboration platform around, but we also play hard. I'm sure many of you have heard that in reference to kicking out and getting a bit wild with colleagues -- which does happen, I won't lie . But, what I'm referring to is supporting others that play hard for great causes. The Lifesize family is involved in many events, be they charitable, outreach, research -- often an event is all three.


Last Saturday night, the 27th of August, Lifesize sponsored a table at the Texas 4000 Gala. The Texas 4000 is a group of University of Texas students who bicycle from Austin to Anchorage to raise awareness and funds for cancer research (http://www.texas4000.org/).


Lifesize not only sponsored a table at the Tribute Gala...



We worked the event itself, dsemyon keeps us coordinated and situates our volunteers for the check in/out process (he's the guy standing in the purple shirt).





This event runs deep with us. We have all felt the impact of cancer in our lives, whether in our immediate families, our friends, or our work families.  Here at Lifesize, we lost our Director of Human Resources, someone who touched many lives here, to an aggressive form of cancer 18 months ago. Many of us knew Jennifer Snoddy as much more than a colleague. She was the first person and first friend we had here at Lifesize.


Congratulations to the cyclists and all those who participated. Thank you.