Letting Go of Flash

Blog Post created by michaelt on Sep 8, 2016

Sometimes it isn't so hard to say goodbye... at least not to Flash.


As we announced in our product release notes, we've removed Flash from our Amplify code (Release Notes - Lifesize Cloud) and embraced the fact that it is a thing of the past.  Never wanting to be left behind the curve, we have enabled a new HTML5 preview capability in our community, also.


So, what does this mean? It means that when you upload a document, the preview will be faster. And, it will no longer use the older tech... the one even Adobe is walking away from (and yes, I was going to end that sentence with a preposition and so I put in this parenthetical).


So, we are Flashless in the cloud and Flashless in the community...


Along with the updated preview technology in the Lifesize Community, we have also turned on a redesigned URL engine. This will generate URLs using the title of the post in the URL to aid with SEO. Why do you care? While I would love to believe that you come to the community first and search here, I'm rather sure many people really use Google and find themselves here. The new URLs will make that even easier.


By using your titles in the URL, search engines will be able to find the content here and rank it higher in the results. Again, why do you care? Because the answers you are looking for will be closer to the top of your search results, hopefully right on top!


Okay, that's all I've got for now. Have a fantastic rest of the week.