Taking a Glance Back

Blog Post created by michaelt on Jan 3, 2017

2016 was an incredible year. I've mentioned before that I pull reports to provide the 'E' team here at Lifesize some important health aspects of our community. One of those reports highlights the top 10 pieces of content over the last week. It's always nice to see that newer content is often in our top 10... that is, you, the community, our membership, our customers, partners, and colleagues are interested in what is being posted.


The Top 10 of 2016

I thought I'd take a quick look backward at the content which made the biggest mark in 2016. Have a look, maybe it will surprise you... maybe you'll find a gem you didn't realize was here, something to delight.


Lifesize Technical Specialist (LTS) - Worldwide

This is the home base article for our Technical Specialist content and exam. Great to see it come in #1 in our view count. A special thanks to our Sales Engineering team who keep this content fresh and relevant.


Are there any Cloud testing locations like the fish tanks? (redirects here: Lifesize - Demo / Test sites )

If you're looking for locations to call and test your setup... here they are. Of course, don't forget you can use the testcall function, too.


Admin Username and Password Reset

Need to reset your username and password on a device you've just been asked to manage? Maybe you inherited equipment from someone how didn't keep the best notes... it happens, right? Fingers crossed for SSH access.


Firmware to resolve H323 & SIP attack

Nobody likes spam... we released a solution some time back. Glad people are still finding it.


Release Notes - Lifesize Cloud

Well, as with the next one, this is very good to see. Love that having a simple, open, central place for Release Notes is serving our customers well.


Release Notes - Lifesize Icon Series

As I said... rather wild that these are 5th and 6th top viewed. Great to see!


Attention Lifesize Cloud Account Administrators: Additional UDP Ports Required for Lifesize Cloud Calls

When we require new ports, new resources, new anything, we want you to know. This was to help us expand and provide even more quality global coverage.


Cloud Onboarding Guide

This is the companion guide to our fantastic Customer Success Advocate-lead training. If for some reason you can't make a class (Events and Training Calendar), looks like you are still finding the resources you need.


COMING SOON: A New and Improved Way to Join a Meeting from Lifesize Cloud Web App and Redesigned Call Me and Download Pages

You let us know that the ramp into a call could be too steep... that your guests needed a smoother path. We listened.


Lifesize Server and Tunnel Gateway IP Address List

IPs change... especially in the cloud. We know there are some of you who need to whitelist those cloud-based IPs... We needed a place to tell you about that and it looks like you are finding it.



Thank you all for a fantastic 2016. I know 2017 will be even better!