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I always feel a little nostalgic when we have to say goodbye to a familiar face on the front page of the community... Mike Gunderson ( has been an incredible member of the quarter. He was our second guest blogger here on the community blog (Using Lifesize Icon 400 and Cloud for Dual Credit Teaching). Of course, he continues to participate in the community... sharing his use cases and perspectives as an educator using the service. Thank you, sir.


Without further ado, let me introduce our newest member of the quarter is Dwayne Reese (schepsmel) ...


He has been a voice on the community since its inception (literally joining after the site was live only 9 days) and is a huge advocate of end users, community, and Lifesize. When I implemented the Enterprise support groups, he was one of the first to reach out and ask for a demo. Dwayne has created 29 unique pieces of content, many questions which help our community self-help and grow their own knowledge, and participated in over 45 other conversations, including feature requests and discussions.


Congratulations, Dwayne!



Yes, that's an internet high-five up there in the banner.