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In the Wake of Harvey...

Posted by michaelt Sep 11, 2017

My mother taught me to give to those in need. She also taught me to do so without fanfare and without drawing attention to my actions.... But, I cannot be silent and turn a blind eye to what our team at Lifesize has done, sorry mom.

You may have noticed that the Community store lost a few items over the last week or so... With our neighbors to the east of us struggling with the destruction of Harvey, our Marketing team (chelsia) reminded me of our stock of boxers. Warm, dry, and on their way to Houston.

The team here at Lifesize has a long tradition of helping when our global community is in need. Since the need is so close to our headquarters here in Austin, it was great to be able to provide a physical item that we knew would go to immediate good use.

Of course, the Lifesize team never stops, so we mobilized and, as you can see in the pics below, offered much more to the cause. We continue to collect both physical items and monetary donations to help our neighbors. This is only the beginning. Donations are set to be delivered for the next 2 Fridays after last Friday's items.


...just one of the ways we make every day matter

This is about culture, about people, about doing what is right for the greater good.


annies,, and dsemyon pictured above.


I'm proud to be an employee of Lifesize, to work with people who think large and think about what they can do for others.