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A huge thank you to Rich DeBrino ( richdwa ) for being our member of the quarter from Jan through March of 2018. He may be stepping down, but we know he will continue his engagement in the community. As I'm sure you are all aware, the member of the quarter title does not go to people for what they might do, but to acknowledge those who have had an impact in our community. People who have helped; who have forwarded the product; who have provided answers to questions and pushed our technology. 


All our past members of the quarter have done so, and this quarter is no exception. With no further ado, the new member of the quarter is Stefan Van Hoof (svanhoof). If you have had the pleasure of engaging with Stefan in person, you know he is warm, while also quite capable of cutting to the chase. He represents his customers and our partners within the community and makes sure their voices are heard throughout the business. 


Some of you may not see as many of his posts as you could because his is most active within the BeNeLux partner community here, but know that he has your back.


Thank you Stefan for being the engaged advocate you are and congratulations on donning the mantle of member of the quarter.