Hats Off and Thank You

Blog Post created by michaelt on Jun 6, 2018

I don't really 'goodbye' well. That is, I just don't like doing it. It is difficult, you always leave out important people you want to thank and you never say exactly what you want to say. With all that, I've held very public positions for the last 12 years and find that when I leave those positions, I need to say goodbye to more and more people.


When I came to Lifesize, back in October of 2014, the company was transitioning. We were moving from a dedicated on-premises solution to a flexible, cloud-based, cutting edge solution. We were re-inventing ourselves. I was part of that re-invention, and I appreciate the opportunity I was given. As part of a new wave of thought and leadership, we became more transparent and more open to hearing, responding, and delivering on the wants and needs of a larger audience. In my opinion, this community was and remains at the heart of that movement. Whether you are a partner, a customer, a product manager, a support rep, a customer success advocate, a champion, a reviewer, a promoter, a detractor (yes, you all rock), part of our legal, marketing, HR, engineering, finance, or operations teams -- every one of you have helped this community and me.


As I move on with my career, I know what I am leaving behind here, and I hope you all know that I enjoyed meeting you, working with you, and knowing you -- in person and virtually. You drive the future of Lifesize, and I want only the best for the company.


Thank you,



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