Our Customers Are Our Best Advisers

Blog Post created by cmcclure Administrator on Sep 19, 2018

Our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is a group of our Enterprise customers in our EMEA that meet every six months to talk about all things Lifesize.  Last month's event was held in London, at our new Lifesize office  The CAB is collaborative/interactive meeting, and we encourage sharing customer experiences.  Who better to provide feedback, than those using Lifesize every day?


During this last event, we were very lucky to have our CEO Craig Malloy join us. Craig talked about the status of the business, and what we envision for the near future. During the roadmap session, we insight into current releases, and future updates.  Lifesize is dedicated to providing the best video conferencing solution. 


Each event also includes a host customer speaker. The host customer shares their journey of deployment and adoption ofLifesize with the group, so we can understand the the successes and challenges they had with rolling out, and using Lifesize in the day to day. The event also covers hot topics, in which customers will share common concerns, issues and resolutions.


The next event date is TBD, but if anyone feels that they would like to join via video, or in person, please do not hesitate to contact Corie Mckendry or your customer success advocate.  We value your feedback!