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I can't see where to access past recordings from the desk top. Please advise. Thanks.
I would love to get more information reagrding this integration?  We are starting to use Microsoft Teams in our environment.  
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I have run into an issue with the remote on our Passport 2 not changing the options on screen. The light on the camera shows activity whenever you try the remote but options are not changing. I can not even get past the initial configuration screen. We have tried a new firewire cable and a new camera with no results, I have even gone so far as a… (Show more)
I'm trying to use a lifesize team mp with a first generation phone. I've set everything up successfully but can't find any working addresses to make a test call to. Any information about making a test call would be appreciated.
Upcoming Lifesize releases will require customers with firewall rules in place to make a few updates to their settings. If applicable, please make the following adjustments to your firewall settings to avoid possible disruption of the Lifesize service. Direct Media for Point-to-Point Calls: Please open the destination port 3478 prior to the… (Show more)
Click to view contentHere at Lifesize we strive to make connecting people across the workplace as simple and easy as possible and as we expand globally, more users are engaging across the world. As our users and partners operate out of all corners of the globe we've expanded our User and Administrator training programs, adding multiple sets of regional calendars… (Show more)
Microsoft Teams is the next evolution of communication within the Microsoft Office 365® platform. Lifesize will introduce a new integration with Microsoft Teams that fits into a user’s existing workflow while opening up advanced communication and collaboration technologies from Lifesize. Lifesize makes Microsoft Teams better for users who will be… (Show more)
When joining a meeting from our directory we notice a 30sec delay for echo cancelation.  Could you provide any insight as to what may be happening?   I attached a photo of what is shown in the unit regarding audio.  This message appears a lot and if we restart the unit the issue goes away momentarily.  Any assistance would be appreciated.