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These Instructions are for the Icon 400, 450, 600 and 800. To manually upgrade your Icon, you will first need to make sure that its Maintenance Key is up to date. To do this, browse to your unit's web interface by going to its IP address. You may see a notification that tells you the site is not secure. Bypass this using whatever method your… (Show more)
I'm new to video conferencing.  We just purchased a lifesize phone + 4 licenses.  Our specific needs are to be able to conference 2 people at a time and to be able to record these calls.  However, the recordings are not reflecting the way that the screen looks to the initiator of the record.  When participant 1 initiates the record feature, I… (Show more)
Hi all,   Can someone please advise what time the EMEA Lifesize Partner Update Call is on 26/3/19? Also cannot see any details for how to join on the save the date email, will this come on a later email?   Many thanks,   Hannah Mahon
Hi Lifesize team   I've a question on Community store purchase.  After I earned sufficient points to buy Bluetooth speaker, I clicked on purchase and my total points went off for it.   Neither any cofirmation on purchase not asked for address.   So, what is the procedure to get my purchased item ????   Can someone help on this.
Hi,   I have here a LifeSize ROOM (firmware version LS_RM1_3.0.7), and I woul like to do a firmware update. When I go to the maintenance-tab, click on "System Upgrade", and then on "Browse", the cursor spins for a second, and then nothing happens. No file-selection dialog appears.   Please note: The option to enter a license code, does not exist… (Show more)
Click to view contentOne of the many goals of the community is to share content... that said, we need to make it easy to share the community itself. How do you invite other people to the Lifesize community: Click Browse in the header, and then click People. On the left, click Send Invites. Provide the email addresses of the people you want to invite, and then…
Click to view contentDiscussions are how you ask a question or start a conversation in the community. To Create a Discussion: Navigate to the place you want to start your discussion. From the front page, there are 2 different ways to do this. Select the location from the Places menu in the header: Select the location from the What Are You Looking For widget:…
I can't see where to access past recordings from the desk top. Please advise. Thanks.
I would love to get more information reagrding this integration?  We are starting to use Microsoft Teams in our environment.  
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