• Recordings show participants equally?

    I'm new to video conferencing.  We just purchased a lifesize phone + 4 licenses.  Our specific needs are to be able to conference 2 people at a time and to be able to record these calls.  However, the r...
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  • How do I access past meeting recordings?

    I can't see where to access past recordings from the desk top. Please advise. Thanks.
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  • Thank you LifeSize

    I think it is about time to raise a global thank you letter for the committed and most generous LifeSize supporters, developers, technicians and engineers etc. for a the vast effort, brains and enthusiasm you bring u...
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  • Lifesize Cloud Adoption Strategies

    We’ve seen Cloud admins take quite a few different approaches getting their end users up and running on Lifesize Cloud. We make it easy to get the app on your Laptops, Phones, Tablets, etc. but as with any new t...
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  • Salesforce.com is down - Ticket submission and Partner Portal access impact

    Hi,   Our Salesforce.com node is down and we are currently working very closely with them to monitor progress.  This means that if you are a partner trying to submit a ticket to our partner portal or via ou...
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  • International Day of Happiness

    I was just talking with a wonderful gentleman from NY named Craig who is a long-time customer and he mentioned that today is International Day of Happiness and ... well ... since "Happiness" is in my job title, I felt...
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  • Love is in the air!

      I hope this doesn’t come as a shock, but I love you!    No, seriously, we love you.  And we’re not afraid to show it!   Our customers are innovative, imaginative and mean the w...
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