• When might there be more Lifesize user or admin training?

    I missed the training at the end of August.
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  • Upgrade ICON600

    Hello,   I have my Life-size UVC Platform in version 1.4.4 and our icon 600 in old versions (LS_RM3_2.0.10 (100), LS_RM3_2.10.0 (1981)...)   I'd like to update all icon to LS_RM3_3.6.0 (2402).   Is i...
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  • Store Contacts

    Can someone from Lifesize contact me please regarding the store, as I'm unable to messagetlindsey, or jofczarzak, due to us not following each other...  think this needs to be amended as you've been given as cont...
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  • Admin to help me get into Partner space

    Who can help me to get access to the partner space?
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  • I have passed the LTS Online Exam at: LTS - Lifesize Technical Specialist - Worldwide 2018.03.02 , but till now I have not got a certificate.

    Hello,    I have passed the LTS Online Exam at: LTS - Lifesize Technical Specialist - Worldwide 2018.03.02 , but till now I have not got a certificate. 
  • Password reset

    Hello,   I am trying to reset my Lifesize force password, when I apply for the email reset, nothing is coming through...   can someone advise?   Thank you!!
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  • Lifesize User Training Feb and March 2018?

    Lifesize User Training Feb and March 2018 When will the calendar be updated for training in Feb and March? 
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  • is there a document with a how to use the community basics?

    I'm putting together a partner document, is there a document with the basics on how to use the community?
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  • Training

    where do I find the basic training (LBT) module?
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  • Access to EMEA Price List

    Hello,   I would like to have an access to the EMEA price list. Could you, please, explain what steps should I follow?     Thank you!   Best regards,   Zara Georgieva from vordis technologies
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  • how do i connect to a session

    trying to join a session today at 1pm
  • How do i join a training session

    I have training today not able to connect to the training session
  • Community Store

    How long should stuff bought from the store take to arrive?   I ordered some bits 2-3 months ago and still no sign...
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  • LSS Training

    Where in Lifesize University is the LSS training located?
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  • Central marketing location

    Hi all   Is there a store anywhere on Lifesize Community that can provide images & other marketing information for a new Lifesize reseller?   They want to add the Lifesize portfolio to their website &a...
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  • LSS

    Hola buen día. Quiero realizar mi entrenamiento de ventas en español y no me dan acceso a la pagina.   Aurora Muñiz Lecona.
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  • Link para prova LSS esta bloqueado para meu usuário

    estou tentando acessar o link para fazer a prova LSS porem fala que meu usuário nao tem permissão para acessar, alguém consegue me ajudar com isso?
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  • I didn't receive my certifacate

    hi all, i have passed my Exams 9 sept 2016 and i didn't receive my certifacate . what should i do?
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  • LTS-5_Cannot_Open

    I am continuing LifeSize Training, I cannot open LTS-5 to continue. It says "failed to convert file". I can open LTS-1~4. Is there a problem with LTS-5?
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  • LTS certificate, where is it?

    Hi, I did my LTS test and pass it on the 3rd of June. But I have not received any kind of communication about my certificate. How can I get it? Who should I speak to? Thanks
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