• Video clip for Evolution of LifeSize from HD to 4K

    Hi ,   Would like to ask if anyone have video clip for the evolution of LifeSize from HD to 4K and from on prem to cloud?   If yes, can share?   Thanks.
    created by ivan
  • profile picture matching app's picture

    Get profile picture from community.lifesize.com to show up as photo fordesktop app or webapp.lifesizecloud dot com.  Feel like this should be easily documented but I cannot for life of me locate the ans...
    last modified by frank.mormino
  • Unable to save SSID password when setting up lifesize share

    I am working on setting up multiple lifesize share devices however when I setup the SSID and set a password there is no option to save the password. I have told it to reboot after putting a password in the field but i...
    last modified by mlefevere
  • Silencing chat feed audience?

    Is there a way to remove/silence the audience members on a live stream with chat feed? Other than moderating/approving all questions before they come in?
    last modified by cpartridge
  • Merging meeting rooms on the fly.

    Is there a function where you can merge meeting rooms into one for ease of shuffling participants from one room to the next?
    created by cpartridge
  • Average time spent corresponding.

    How much time does the average moderator spend corresponding through email to set up meetings and send out instructions?
    created by cpartridge
  • Boosting audio levels from users calling into meetings?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to boost the audio level when someone is dialing into a meeting room? Usually this happens when the external person is using a cell phone.
    created by cpartridge
  • Is there a way to get meeting rooms to delete themselves after a set amount of time passes?

    Just looking to keep the amount of meeting rooms down as we create a lot for one time uses, some of which do not get deleted after.
    last modified by cpartridge
  • How do I go about getting Lifesize certificatied training?

    I'd like to complete training and attain Lifesize certifications: How do I get started on the LTS Certification?
    last modified by bigdon
  • Lifesize Sales Specialist

    Can someone send me the link to Lifesize Sales Specialist training? I can't find it. I was told I need to complete before month end.
    last modified by sdupre
  • Global End User and Admin Training Calendar

    Here at Lifesize we strive to make connecting people across the workplace as simple and easy as possible and as we expand globally, more users are engaging across the world. As our users and partners operate out ...
    created by cmcclure
  • Store Purchase

    Hi Lifesize team   I've a question on Community store purchase.  After I earned sufficient points to buy Bluetooth speaker, I clicked on purchase and my total points went off for it.   Neither any co...
    last modified by shankar.selvam
  • LifeSize Hardware

    The video conference in the Suzhou conference room Room1, the hardware is shown in the figure, they are very very hot, do we have any way to cool down? Because they are always on!   (sorry, I don't know wh...
    last modified by c.jiang
  • Joining a meeting with a LifeSize number

    Hi all, How can I join a meeting ith a lifesize number ? Can't find the information! :-) Thanks!
    last modified by olivierjacquot
  • Price List for APAC-2019

    Hi, I would like to have an access to the APAC MSRP price list. Could you, please guide me on this?   Thank you in anticipation!   Regards,   Pankaj Jha ZeroMiles Technologies Services Pvt Ltd, Mum...
    last modified by pankajjha
  • Can you connect an external microphone via an xlr to 3.5m to the 3.5mm input of the 600 or 800 series units?

    We are looking to see if we can connect a Shure xlr wireless mic system  to the 3.5 mm mic input on the 600 and 800 series units. We would use an xlr to 3.5 mm adapter to connect the Shure wireless mic receiver o...
    last modified by chris_mulios
  • How To Manually Upgrade your Icon

    These Instructions are for the Icon 400, 450, 600 and 800. To manually upgrade your Icon, you will first need to make sure that its Maintenance Key is up to date. To do this, browse to your unit's web interface by g...
    created by cmcclure
  • Recordings show participants equally?

    I'm new to video conferencing.  We just purchased a lifesize phone + 4 licenses.  Our specific needs are to be able to conference 2 people at a time and to be able to record these calls.  However, the r...
    last modified by ancoit
  • EMEA Lifesize Partner Update Call

    Hi all,   Can someone please advise what time the EMEA Lifesize Partner Update Call is on 26/3/19? Also cannot see any details for how to join on the save the date email, will this come on a later email? &#...
  • Lifesize ROOM Update "Browse"-Button not working

    Hi,   I have here a LifeSize ROOM (firmware version LS_RM1_3.0.7), and I woul like to do a firmware update. When I go to the maintenance-tab, click on "System Upgrade", and then on "Browse", the cursor spins for...
    last modified by frausch