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Manually Upgrading your Software  If your Lifesize Icon Flex is not connected to an outside network, access software updates from You must become a registered user and enter your serial number to access this site.   1. From a web browser, log in to and find the software package for your device.   2.…
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If you're like me, when you conduct meetings you will inevitably need to share your desktop, as visual aids are imperative.  Obviously the best way is through Lifesize Share for the cleanest and hassle-free experience.   Lifesize Share: Wireless Media Sharing For Your Meetings  Lifesize Share Overview    However, if you require a wired solution…
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I.  Steps to Edit Our Own Display Name from Manage Console:   1. Login to Admin Console (Lifesize Cloud Admin Console) using the credentials.   2. Click on you user Name which will be at Right Top Corner of the Web Page and click on "Advanced Setting".     3. Click on "Profile".   4. Under "Account" -> "Name" Edit the Name and click on…
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The new 'thick-client' installed on your computer by default will start on Windows Login. You can disable this by right-clicking on the Lifesize Icon in the bottom right system tray and unchecking 'Start Lifesize on Login' (see screenshot)  
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This document will provide steps for a Lifesize Cloud User to change their Email address.
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The Lifesize Generation 2 phone has a diagnostics test built into the phone itself that tests the on-board features. You may be asked to run the  diagnostic test to if a microphone, speaker or component that has gone bad. Swipe left on the touch screen to get to the System Tab Tap the System Tab , then tap the Health Tab Scroll down and…
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The Bridge2200 standard installation using the Bridge's web interface is failing due to Adobe Air version. Here is a quick workaround to run the Bridge Utility on a new PC:   Procedure: Download the Bridge Utility files from here:…
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Ensure you have valid URL ( Please confirm your PC / Laptop has a camera / mic connected (externally or in-built) You camera / Mic must be detected under "Choose your camera preferences" / "Use computer audio"      If you dont see your camera recognized, from the Address bar, click the Camera…
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