• Shoretel SIP integration

    I am trying to register our Lifesize 800 with our Shoretel VOIP system so we can use SIP. However I am having issues with the codec registering with the VOIP system. The Lifesize instructions were followed to configur...
  • Express 200 Back Panel

    See attached pdf file.   
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  • Change Layout Settings for Presentation

    Hi there,   we have the following problem in our company. We use a Icon 600 with dual display. One is a Screen (Display 1) and the other one is represented by a beamer (Display 2). When joining a meeting on Dis...
  • Merge UVC Multipoint licenses

    We have 2 UVC Multipoint servers, one with 19 ports on a 'regular' server and 20 ports on a UVC 3380 server. These have been used for hosting some of our customers. As we move customers to Lifesize Cloud, we will now ...
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  • Video Centre video segmenting issue

    Hi All,   I have brought this up various times over the years but haven't really heard anything from Lifesize.  When recording to video centre, the segmenting feature affects the quality of a recording at t...
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  • Outlook Webapp and Video Centre issues

    Hi All,   We have an issue with Video Centre and our Outlook Web App.  When users log into Video Centre, it locks them out of their Outlook Web App until you go in and remove the cookie that is stored for V...
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  • Icon 600 - call duration bug?

    While an Icon 600 was connected to a LS Cloud call (the other participant was an Express220 system), the call duration looked strange to me...   Notice it reads (01111:57:36).  The REAL call duration is 4...
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  • LDAP Directory

    Does anyone have their LDAP directory setup to have their users extensions listed? We just connected our Lifesize unit to our Shoretel system using SIP. Now I would like to have our phone directory listed on the Lifes...
  • VideoCenter: Presentation stream needs to support greater than 5FPS

    We have noticed lately, based on support calls from our clients who use VideoCenter, that if you have more than one "video" source recording to VideoCenter that the primary stream is fine (30fps) but the secondary str...
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  • Video Center 2200 Root Drive Faulty

    I hope someone can help with this. We had a B drive failure on our (originally) Video Center 2200 (now UVC platform) appliance. We just replaced the drive today with one specified by LifeSize as a replacement and we'r...
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  • Feature Request: Lotus Notes integration for calendar and scheduling calls

    We use Lotus Notes.  I would like to integrate the scheduler within UVC with our Lotus Notes calendar.
  • UVC Platform 1.4.4 now available

    If anyone missed the announcement that Lifesize UVC Platform 1.4.4 is now available I wanted to reiterate this here but also add some comments to help those upgrading to Lifesize UVC Platform 3.0.   The importan...
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  • UVC Multipoint - Terminating a conference if only 1 participant is connected

    Would it be possible to add the functionality on UVC Multipoint to terminate a conference (ad-hoc or scheduled) if only one participant is connected for 5 minutes?   Example:   Some of our customers have ...
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  • LifeSize Video Center content channel video quality

    We are using LifeSize UVC Video Center servers since 2013 for recording and live streaming of multipoint conferences, which are hosted at non-LifeSize MCU's (Cisco/Codian MCU4520).   The problem with Video Cente...
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