• External Microphone and External Speakers with Icon 600

    We are struggling to achieve clear audio in large trainings and all-hands meetings using our Icon 600. The room is configured with a speaker system plugged into a power amplifier/mixer and we've just purchased th...
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  • Getting error while changing backgrounds in preferences tab of lifesize express 220

    Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well. PFA the screenshot of the issue that I am facing. I am visiting web console of lifesize express 220 and in the prefernces tab -> appearances -> backgrounds, I am trying ...
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  • How to make a voice call to an IP phone or to a mobile phone from lifesize express 220 web console?

    Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing well. I am new to this whole setup and have not much experience of using lifesize. I know that we can call from one lifesize express 220 to another lifesize but my question is, can ...
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  • How to modify uvc clearsea server public homepage

    hello,   we'd like to add to the public web homepage of our clearsea server a link, to enable guest user to download a pdf documentation. do you know if this is possible ?   Example :
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  • Video Centre backup and restore

    Hi All,    We are migrating from Video Centre on a virtual machine to a hardware bundle and had a quick question regarding backup and restore.  Are viewer stats, viewer lists, viewer groups and reserv...
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  • networker on POE switch?

    if the network is going to setup as stand-alone, which power adapter is needed. what if the network is deployed with POE switch, will it work without the power adapter? or it is restricted with POE switch.
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  • MSI Installer for Lifesize Video app

    Hi,   is there an MSI installation package for the Lifesize Video app and where can I find it?   Thanks!
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  • UVC3300 - Issue upgrading from UVC 1.4.3 to UVC 3.0

    Has anyone experienced an issue when upgrading a UVC 3300 from UVC 1.4.3 to UVC 3.0 where it simply stops responding.  All IP addresses allocated to the UVC Platform stops responding.   I tried to upgrade o...
  • possible to add external contacts into Clearsea (v4.x)?

    I am working on a strategy to transition from on-prem UVC Clearsea to LS Cloud.  In the LS Cloud admin>directory page, you can add "Group Contacts".  I've added the contacts that will direct calls into ou...
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  • Questions about the setting of dual NICS

    Will be deployed on the dual NICS clearsea server, LAN NIC is (internal network IP address), WAN NIC is 114.242. XXX. XXX (public IP address), also add the static routing.The whole system running normally ...
  • I am struggling to setup SNMPv3 on my Icon 800

    Hello,   I have an Icon 800 that I would like to have monitored with our NMS.  I've SSH'd to the Icon 800 and I've taken the steps to set this up, but I am unable to get this working correctly.   I've...
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  • Lifesize through Leased Line Connection

    Can a two lifesize on a separate sites/branches be able to call through leased line? that way we can use and call each conference rooms without sacrificing our dedicated internet?
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  • SIP Call Quality since the recent update

    Anyone else experiencing a call quality issue with their SIP enabled LifeSize equipment? Since the recent upgrade the call quality is so bad they are unusable. We run on Shoretel/Mitel with the Icon 400s. Every SIP en...
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  • Windows 7 to use Bridge Utility Issues

    Hi Everyone: Now use Bridge Utility is normal ? We have two unusable situation In Taiwan...>< Anyone know how to deal with it ?
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  • Link to the Lifesize Bridge 2200 Utility file?

    Hi folks,   I have been trying to find the link to the Lifesize Bridge Utility file, but I am unable to find it on the Lifesize website, and I dont want a 3rd party download, and it may come with uneanted softwa...
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  • UVC more extensive doc for api

    Hi:      We have UVC platform with multipoint and we are looking for more doc about rest api (I know that IP/api/v1/ URL give me some examples).   Thxs
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  • UVC Server: Replace HDD

    Hello, I have a problem with adding a new disk into the existing RAID on UVC platform server. I know we can't get official support for UVC anymore, but hopefully someone can help or has any idea about this... maybe s...
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  • ICON - HDMI audio output question

    We want to output remote site audio and local site audio from the ICON HDMI output. Is there a setting to enable this for ICON450 and ICON700?
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  • LifeSize Phone HD Gain

    Can i decrease or increase the Phone HD Gain?
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  • Price lists

    Hi there,   Can you please explain where I can access the latest price lists.   Many thanks   Hannah