• Windows 7 to use Bridge Utility Issues

    Hi Everyone: Now use Bridge Utility is normal ? We have two unusable situation In Taiwan...>< Anyone know how to deal with it ?
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  • How To Manually Upgrade your Icon

    These Instructions are for the Icon 400, 450, 600 and 800. To manually upgrade your Icon, you will first need to make sure that its Maintenance Key is up to date. To do this, browse to your unit's web interface by g...
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  • Link to the Lifesize Bridge 2200 Utility file?

    Hi folks,   I have been trying to find the link to the Lifesize Bridge Utility file, but I am unable to find it on the Lifesize website, and I dont want a 3rd party download, and it may come with uneanted softwa...
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  • Lifesize Icon Series Video Conferencing Demo

    Open video

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  • UVC more extensive doc for api

    Hi:      We have UVC platform with multipoint and we are looking for more doc about rest api (I know that IP/api/v1/ URL give me some examples).   Thxs
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  • UVC Server: Replace HDD

    Hello, I have a problem with adding a new disk into the existing RAID on UVC platform server. I know we can't get official support for UVC anymore, but hopefully someone can help or has any idea about this... maybe s...
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  • ICON - HDMI audio output question

    We want to output remote site audio and local site audio from the ICON HDMI output. Is there a setting to enable this for ICON450 and ICON700?
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  • LifeSize Phone HD Gain

    Can i decrease or increase the Phone HD Gain?
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  • Price lists

    Hi there,   Can you please explain where I can access the latest price lists.   Many thanks   Hannah
  • Shoretel SIP integration

    I am trying to register our Lifesize 800 with our Shoretel VOIP system so we can use SIP. However I am having issues with the codec registering with the VOIP system. The Lifesize instructions were followed to configur...
  • Disable console logging

    I have an open SSH connection to one of my Lifesize appliances, and right in the middle of typing a command I get bombarded with event notifications.  For the love of all that is holy how can I disable console lo...
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  • missing the "ringing device" setting in new clients

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    Hi Lifesize,   can you please provide again the setting for the ringing device in the desktop clients? (cloud and on premise)   In case of using headsets you will miss most of the incoming calls...   ...
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  • LifeSize PhoneHD/Phone2nd Standalone

    LifeSize Phone can use as standalone IP phone by PoE. Can Phone 2nd and Phone HD be used in the same way? If Yes, are these audio packets encrypted?
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  • Lifesize Share Portal Folders

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    10 votes
    Hello-   I would like to submit the idea to create folders on the Lifesize Share portal to be able to quickly drill down to specific shares in locations. Ideally, this would be used to store different office loc...
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  • Icon 600 dual Display Layout options

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    11 votes
    I had a customer who had recently purchased a dual screen license for their Icon 800 that was disappointed by the functionality of the second screen. The customer had hoped that they could have active speakers switch ...
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  • LifeSize UVC MCU

    Lifesize UVC Platform 3.1.0  When 4 or more party join the MCU , the video freeze after sometime.   Any advise?
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  • SIP Call Issue

    Hi,    We have Cisco CM Version 11, Cisco 9971 and Icon 600 and other VC equipment in our network,  We have problem when we communicate by SIP calls between Icon 600 and Cisco 9971  IP Phone  ...
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  • Icon series change sleep timer

    84 votes
    On the Icon series systems.. The only thing you can control about sleep is the "Consumer Electronics Control" --   -> we want to adjust the actual sleep timer value (minutes?) and possibly disable sleep en...
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  • Is H.265 HEVC supported by Lifesize products?

    We have a tender to submit asking for VC endpoint supporting H.265 HEVC. Kindly let us know if the Lifesize on-premises VC endpoint can support H.265 HEVC?
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  • Quick question about VideoCenter

    Our customer uses VideoCenter with iPad. He said that he can only see 1 hour of 4 hours video with iPad, and he asked me that is it designed behavior? But I believe that iPad can see full 4hours video, is my understan...
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