Lifesize Icon Flex - USB cable extender options

Blog Post created by dmorrison on Aug 25, 2015

Lifesize Icon Flex is designed for small meeting or huddle room environments. But what happens if you deploy Icon Flex in a slightly larger room or you may want to run the USB cable from Icon Flex to the computer discreetly along a wall and to the table?


The USB A to USB B cable shipped with Icon Flex is five meters in length.  Lifesize Icon Flex operates at USB 2.0 speed and this is the maximum passive USB length supported. Going beyond this distance requires active electronics such as a hub, repeater or some type of signal booster.


There are low cost USB cables with active electronics that can be used as extension cables or replacement cables for the shipping USB Icon Flex cable. The list below identifies these cables by type, length and manufacturer. LIfesize testing was conducted using Windows 7 with Lifesize Flex.


USB Cables.png