• Microsoft Teams Meeting Dialstring

    Morning,   So, let's say I receive a Microsoft Teams Meeting invite with a link like such:   https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3ameeting_MGMwOTdiODAtNmMzMy00ZjFhLTk3NGYtNjNkNGZjMzIxZDEz%40thread...
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  • echo issue ICON 700

    Hello,   actually we use ICON 700 (Software Version:LS_RM4_2.1.0.138) in a medium meeting room using 2 ceiling loudspeaker,and we have echo issue. The other participant hear echo from our meeting room ! Someon...
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  • Streaming to Youtube from Multipoint

    Hello. I just wonder if there is some way to stream conference from Multipoint to Youtube? We also have Icon600 and VideoCenter. And also, can Multipoint support WebRTC?
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  • SOP Process Documentation

    Do you have written instructions/cheat sheet on how to set up an invitation via schedule or email?  No videos, need written documentation, like an SOP process? 
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  • Lifesize - Shepherd Centre Case Study

    Case Study done on a Not For Profit (NFP) organisation in Sydney Australia, - The Shepherd Centre -  who use Lifesize Cloud, ICON, 220 Series and Video Centre for deaf or hearing impaired children, there is nothi...
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  • Do i need additional standalone SIP Registrar server for LifeSize Multipoint and Icon 600?

    We recieve hardware from another department, and I am some kind of lost in settings for Multipoint. I try to create conference, but (see attached file conference_error.jpg) I guess it is not working properly. I can no...
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  • drivers ICON 700

    hello,   do you know if drivers are already available for ICON 700 ?   Thx,
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  • After creating a virtual meeting room, how long does that IP address remain effective?

    How far in advance to provide IP addresses to clients?
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  • Icon 600  Cloud Directory from CLI broken in latest software?

    Hello,    I am a Crestron integrator and we are using the Application Marketplace module to control an Icon 600. Customer reported that they can no longer retrieve the directory from the Crestron system. I ...
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  • After creating a virtual meeting room, how long does that IP address remain effective?

    how far in advance to provide IP addresses to clients?#
  • Focus Webcam View

    Guten Tag,   ist es möglich, wenn mehrere Teilnehmer in einem Meeting sind, den Fokus auf eine Person/Teilnehmer festzulegen. Es soll für alle sichtbar im Webcam-Stream nur ein Teilnehmer groß ein...
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  • Where are old versions of Lifesize?

     I need v9.0.182 for Win 10 compatibility.  I cant use cloud version..
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  • Support Telephone Numbers

    You do not have access to this content's place
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  • Lifesize Icon 600 automatic Updates

    Hi there, We recently had a VC that due this automatic update was delayed was very awfull, we'd like to if not possible schedule the upgrades or at least this were made at night off working time.
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  • Remote control of screen share

    Is it possible to turn control of your shared screen (keyboard and mouse control) to a remote participant?  From what I can tell, it doesn't seem possible.  This would be a huge benefit to Lifesize functiona...
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  • Using one Camera/HD Phone for PC and Lifesize Video Conferencing

    We have several Lifesize systems (450's, 600's, 800's) that work great for us, however we frequently get invites from outside entities for various software video meetings such as via WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc. wh...
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  • Lifesize Icon 700 Datasheet

    The world’s first true 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing video conferencing solution. The combination of Lifesize Icon 700 and the Lifesize service delivers an unprecedented communication and collabora...
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  • Collaboration app

    Is Lifesize launches new version of collaboration app?
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  • Now Available: Changes to Joining a Meeting from Google Chrome

    In order to improve the experience of joining a meeting for Lifesize desktop app users, we are making a change in the join flow for Google Chrome™. We have found that most users, who have the Lifesize desktop ap...
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  • NOW AVAILABLE | Pop-out Presentation Window

    We know this is a feature many of you have been waiting for! The pop-out presentation window is now available in the Lifesize desktop (Windows®, Mac®) and web app (Google Chrome™).   Lots of cust...
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