How Do Ideas and Feature Requests Work

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The ideation platform we've enabled in the Lifesize community allows an easy way for you to propose new ideas and features for our product set and for new products.

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Ideas begin in the first of six distinct stages, Under Consideration. From this initial stage, ideas are reviewed and researched by our Product Management team and moved into one of the other five stages, with the possibility that an idea is moved again. This sounds much more confusing than it actually is in practice.


This is the process we are following:



The following figures provide examples of the different stages available in the ideation work flow.


Under Consideration


This is the stage every new idea submitted to the community exist within. When an idea is Under Consideration, it is open for voting and has not yet been reviewed by the product management team here at Lifesize.




Our Product team is researching the request.




This idea is definitely being considered for the product suite. It is open for voting and how many votes will be taken into consideration when deciding where it will fall on the roadmap and how quickly to get the feature into the product.


In Development


We are actively working on your idea. You can continue voting on this feature, but our developers are writing code and hardware engineers are prototyping … Can you smell the solder?




Your feature is delivered. In the notes under this idea, you should be able to see what version of the software or hardware contains this great new feature.


Already Offered


You know what, we already do that. This might be a time where we make sure our documentation is up to date and also that our user interface is properly showcasing the feature you could not find.


Not Currently Considered


This feature or idea, while it is probably a great idea, does not fit into the development future of the products. We use this stage to transparently communicate that we are not going to move forward with the proposed feature. Should an idea be proposed numerous times and the need for a feature become apparent and feasible from a development and/or business stand point, an idea can move out of the Not Currently Considered stage.



To vote on an idea, you click the up or down arrow under the title of the idea.



Vote History

Yes, we do keep track of who voted how on what.