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All activity on the Lifesize® community site is governed by the Terms of Use. Nothing stated here supersedes those terms. Superseding lawyers is definitely not in the wheelhouse of your host. This is simply an attempt at a real-world explanation capturing some of the points, expounding upon some others, adding a dash of do no harm… some guidelines.


Short version

Play nice. Type nice. Be nice. Really, that covers it. Have conversations that are productive and share insight. I like to think that we could keep Helen Keller’s quote in mind: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” If you think of this as a place to share, encourage, and help one another, you probably won’t get too many people thinking about nastier scenes from Game of Thrones.


Long version

This is the longer version… an attempt at defining nice.



Do not be abusive. Criticism and critique are welcome, but please make commentary constructive. Leave the expletive-littered invective to the air around you. Remember, your writing will be read numerous times… probably many more times than anyone will hear you swear under your breath. Okay, at least probably more times than peeps will hear you swear under your breath about the specific thing you’re posting about. Tolerate difference, including difference of opinion, and refrain from harassment of any kind.

Along with the previous, it only follows to realize that there are many different people from many different cultures in the community having discussions. Common slang in one locale may well be extremely offensive in another. Please keep slang and vulgarity out of your discussions.

Nobody comes to the Lifesize® community to find a significant other, buy cars, read about medical advancements, deals on pharma, feats of prowess and/or the desire for said prowess. Do not post spam and please help us keep the spam out of the forums. If you see spam, please report it to the community management team. Flag a post as spam using the Report Abuse link available on each post.



We love content. We love that you want to tell us what you do and how you do it. We love that you want to share your setup processes and your implementations. Please do share your thoughts on where we might take the products, please tell us how you use the products, please let us know if there are issues in your environment. Tell us other useful cool stuff that helps you do your job and you want to share with the community.

Refrain from uploading pirated material of any kind, malicious content, and anything that pushes the borderline of decency. And yes, we know that last statement is open for interpretation. Remember, people come here to learn about Lifesize® solutions and they come from many places, let’s keep it professional. That includes your avatars. Keep them clean, and refrain from the possibly offensive.



We did not setup our community to boost anyone else’s SEO juice. Please don’t play like we did. People with links to unrelated content in their bios or who are posting spam will be deleted. As I stated earlier, no one should be here to find information on a limo service in Australia or to purchase a cool truck in Japan.

Please refrain from linking to competitor products and wares. While we don’t mind fair competition, we do not want to boost their SEO ratings. Why would we?


Protect Yourself

Do not send or post social security numbers (yours or others’), telephone, driver’s license numbers, addresses, credit card numbers… et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (I still watch The King and I and wish I was Yule Brenner at times). Do you ever really know who you are talking to? Some paranoia is healthy.

Have up-to-date virus protection on your computer.

Basically, you are responsible for your actions. We will not be held accountable for you losing your credit card while trying to book a limo in Australia.



At any time, we may change these rules. We may change the Terms of Use… heck, we could start renting limos in Australia, I suppose. You are responsible for keeping up with those changes. Ignorance is not a defensible position. We all know that. Not knowing how to setup your firewall with a final block all rule, does not excuse letting a black hat into your infrastructure.

Oh, and you are responsible for adhering to all local and national laws that apply to you. We cannot take the place of those entities… Remember how we started this? We don’t supersede the lawyers or the laws they make up for us.

All content is able to be deleted at any time for any reason by your host. No one is eager to do so, but the right is reserved.