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What is the point of badges?

Badges are symbols of achievement within the Lifesize community. We want you be proud of your badges, but we also want you to be recognized by others for having earned your badges. Many of the badges are or will designate helpful community behavior:

  • Creation of posts
  • Answering questions
  • Having your answers marked helpful
  • Creating ideas
  • Voting on feature requests


... to name a few.


So, other people in the community will be able to see that you are a helpful citizen when they view your profile. The "Me in Three" capability allows you to showcase 3 badges that are displayed when people mouseover your name. This allows you to select what you want to be most associated with.

For example, when you mouseover my name, you see the following:


From the badges I chose, you can see the following:

  • I am proud of being a member of the Community Team here at Lifesize Community-Team_75x75.png
  • I earned the recruiter badge for creating a social group and asking people to join the group  Recruiter_75x75.png (if you need a social group/group in the community, please reach out to a Community Team member... If we create the group, we can get you the badge)
  • I follow someone Follow_75x75.png(in this case, my boss... seemed a smart thing to do?).


The full set of badges, actions, and points are attached to this document in a PDF. They will need to be updated at times, as we will be creating a badge for certifications and other actions we want everyone to recognize.

You can see a full list of your or another person's badges in their profile.


What are points for?

Points have 2 distinct purposes.


We want you to gain points, rise in rank on the user boards, and be seen as a knowledge producer/provider and good community citizen. That is one purpose. You gain levels based on your points. People of higher levels are more active and probably very knowledgeable. Newer users might want to reach out to people for answers or help from these higher ranking individuals.


The second reason points are important is for spending... we are looking to open our we have our own brand store here on the community ( You can spend points in the store and purchase merchandise with the points. Spending points does not affect your ranking or your historical points. There are actually 2 point buckets: the historical points (those points you've earned since you joined the community) and the spendable points (these points equal the same as the historical until you use them within the store, then they reflect your historical points minus those you've used to buy merchandise).


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