How to Mark a Reply Helpful or the Answer

Document created by michaelt on Dec 12, 2014
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One of the main features of the community is to provide answers to your questions. Discussions default to the questions for this very reason. When someone replies to your question, you have the ability to mark the question answered. Please do. Answered questions help everyone in the community.

If a reply is helpful, you can mark it as such, even if it isn't the answer. Anyone can mark a reply helpful.


To mark an reply helpful or the answer:

  1. Navigate to the question or discussion.
  2. Click Yes next to the Helpful value at the bottom of the reply.
  3. If you are the author of the question and a reply answers the question, you see the Correct Answer option on replies:
  4. When you click Correct Answer, the answer is starred and placed directly under the question, no matter how far down the thread it was posted.