How to Capture a Coroner Diagnostic Log from a Legacy Endpoint

Document created by blandin Employee on Mar 4, 2015
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It is common for support to request a diagnostic log for triage and troubleshooting endpoint issues. Log collection varies depending on the product, but the focus of this document shall be how to obtain logs for legacy endpoints. This includes the LifeSize 100, 200, and 220 series endpoints. For information on Icon 600 and Icon 800 diagnostic logs, please refer to the following document: How to Generate a Diagnostic Log from an Icon 600/800 series endpoint.


Best practices for log collection are as follows:


1. Always note the approximate time of the failure/issue/behavior.

2. When the issue can be reproduced on demand, please do so and capture the coroner log after the issue is observed.

3. If the issue is related to a call set up or condition, please reproduce and terminate the call before running the coroner capture.

4. When possible, do not reboot the endpoint prior to the coroner log capture, as valuable data may be lost in the reboot process.

5. When troubleshooting camera issues, please make sure that Capture Camera Snapshots is selected in the Coroner Diagnostic Utility options.

6. When troubleshooting phone issues, please make sure that Capture Extra Information is selected in the Coroner Diagnostic Utility options.


Steps to obtain the coroner.dat log from the endpoint are as follows:


1. Log into the support page by navigating to https://ip_address_endpoint/support.

* NOTE: The default user name "cli", password "lifesize" are used. If the default ssh password has been changed, please use the updated password in lieu of "lifesize".


2. Click on Go to Diagnostic Capture Page.

Diagnostic Access.PNG

3. Once in the Coroner Diagnostic Utility page, select the appropriate options and click Start to being the capture.


4. Once the capture begins, you will see some log output details.  This information is not the diagnostic log and is not required by support for troubleshooting in most cases. Once the actual diagnostic log is complete, you will see the coroner.dat file hyperlink populate at the top of the page.


5. Download the coroner.dat file and submit to your support case for review.