Resetting the administrator password on Lifesize UVC Platform.

Document created by gman on Mar 4, 2015
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If for some reason the administrator password is lost on a UVC deployment (through error or personnel change etc) it can be reset to the default without losing any data or making any other configuration changes.


This process uses console access to the system. You can get to this by either connecting a screen and keyboard to the ports on the back of the unit, if this is a UVC hardware appliance, or by opening the console view through your VM host if running on VMWare etc.


Log in as the administrator user, with the password admin123 (this is a different user to the user of the web UI even though they are both called administrator, so the password will be admin123):



Once logged in, issue the command reset-password. This will reset the web user interface administrator account password to "admin123" and will advise you so.  Issue the exit command to log out:



You will then be able to log in to the web UI as administrator using the default admin123 password.