Using a Lifesize Icon to call a legacy Sony PCS system.

Document created by gman on Mar 6, 2015
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When calling between the Icon systems and the older Sony PCS systems (such as the PCS-G50) you may experience one-way video in the call; the Icon system receives the video stream from the PCS okay, but the PCS doesn't seem to be receiving video from the Icon.


Although the Sony PCS series are not officially supported as tested interoperable devices by Lifesize, so long as the PCS is running the latest software, it's usually possible to get some sort of interop working by disabling some of the newer video codecs in the Icon, especially High Profile H.264, and possibly other H.264 options depending on the PCS model.


To do this, log in to the Icon web user interface (UI), as the support user (whose default password is support). This will not work if you log in as the admin user.  Once logged in as support, you should go to the Support tab.


Note: you should be careful in this Support panel – changes made here can have very adverse effects on your systems operation, hence why it's not available to the regular admin user.


In the Communications section of the Support panel, uncheck the Enable H.264 High Profile option and save the settings. Log out of the web UI, and try the calls again to see if they work:



If calls work, then all is resolved, and you can leave the settings like this.  You're unlikely to find video performance negatively impacted to other systems with just this one setting disabled.


If calls still don't work with just Enable H.264 High Profile unchecked, log in as the support user again, and again in the Communications section of the Support panel, keep Enable H.264 High Profile unchecked, but also uncheck both Enable H.264PM1 and Enable H.264 so all 3 are unchecked, save the setting, and log out of the web UI once more:



Test again, and you should find that the calls will now be working.


The potential issue here is that you may well notice a drop in video quality (compared to when calling with these options enabled to other systems which support them) because H.264 generally produces better video quality than H.263+ and H.263.  By changing these settings, what you have effectively done is to restrict your Icon to use only these older H.263 and H.263+ systems.


If the PCS is a system you rarely call, therefore, you may like to consider only disabling the H.264 codecs in the Icon when you need to call it, and re-enabling them afterwards to maintain higher quality calls to other systems.

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