How to Setup and Configure UVC Video Center Dual NIC Bonding

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How to Setup and Configure UVC Video Center Dual NIC Bonding


1. Connect LAN cables from the same Ethernet switch to Lifesize UVC appliance on Eth0 and Eth1 port.


2. At the console, use the network set eth0 command to configure IP address to Eth0 only. DO NOT Configure IP address on Eth1.


3. You will see eth0: Link detected:yes and eth1:Link detected:no on the UVC Web UI under Platform Administration -> System Settings -> Network Settings -> Network Interfaces.


    You will also see the Device eth1 is unused.


    Eth0 port LEDs are lighted up, but Eth1 port LEDs has no light.





4. Click on "Enable ethernet bonding" and you will see the "Configure Ethernet Bonding" page shown below.


    The "Bonding mode" menu has only one choice, which is "Adaptive load balancing". So leave it as it is.


     Select "Enable bonding" and click Save.



     After clicking Save. UVC web shows that is performing task with the message shown below:-



5. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the UVC Web UI to come up again. Once the UVC Web UI is back, you will see that

  • eth0: Link detected:yes and eth1:Link detected:yes
  • Devices eth0 and eth1 are bonded
  • Eth1 port LEDs lighted up.








Ethernet Bonding Operations

If you remove Ethernet cable from Eth1 port, while keeping the Ethernet cable on Eth0 port connected, UVC won't go offline and continue to work. Likewise, when you remove Ethernet cable only from Eth0 port and keep Eth1 connected.



  • There is no configuration of the Ethernet switch port required. Simply follow the above step and see it works.
  • A total of 2000 live streams can be supported with Dual NIC Bonding. For this to work, also ensure that 2000 live web streams license is purchased and activated on the UVC Platform.