SIP/H323 user name should not be in the range of conference ID you set in MP

Document created by arpit Support on Sep 18, 2015
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I have seen multiple cases where user while creating SIP/H323
user name in MP use the same range of conference ID.

This will cause multiple issue such as:


1 CSS call escalation won’t work:

When MP is used in UVC CSS call escalation, UVC MP H.323
extension should not be in a range of conference ID Or at least should not be
first ID of MP Conference ID range.

2 Sometime call will not transfer from VOP to conference ID if
Lync registration is done with SIP user name is in range of conference ID.


While creating SIP/H323 user name if it fall
under MP conference ID range MP show a notification message but often
user tend to ignore.

Please do not ignore this error and try to avoid MP conference
ID range to create SIP/H323 user in MP.