Unable to configure dual display on Icon 600

Document created by sdemets Partner on Mar 1, 2016
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Ever had to debug a dual display issue? Did you ever find that all the articles on the community site, however well written, did not help your particular case? Well I just did...


Recently we were able to sell our year-old Demo Icon 600 on to a new customer, so we ordered a new one for ourselves, with the new Phone HD.

We already had a nice Axeon Ekinox stand with two Philips 55" LED displays for it.



So this morning I started installing our new Demo Icon 600 into the existing setup. I've done this exactly 7 times now, so I kinda know what I'm doing.

Unfortunately, the second display would not show an image when I finally turned the Icon on and linked it to our Cloud account. Sure enough, the Appearance setting in the Preferences showed the Display arrangement as "Single". Strangly enough, changing it did not have any impact what so ever on the 2nd display and when I refreshed the page, it showed "Single" again. I even went so far as swapping the screens out, changing the DVI to HDMI cable and updating the firmware on the screens. Nothing helped...

After a couple of hours of changing things, rebooting and calling things bad names, I decided to call support. Before doing so I went to the diagnostics page of the Icon to get all the info that they would ask me (It's good to be prepared), when I saw this:



That explained a lot, except that I was surprised that a single display demo unit even existed (it's not on the price list). So I checked the serial number on the Lifesize site...



Sure enough, it says Dual Display.


The resulting call to support was much shorter than I anticipated it would be as I could clearly point them to where the problem was. This issue did not seem to be new and the person I had on the line knew exactly what to do. Apparently the licensing of the Icons is a purely automatic process and sometimes things may go wrong. A technician will create a new license key for my Icon, which I will then have to install manually.


Anyway, lesson learned: check the diagnostics page before anything else!


I hope this helps anyone who has the same or similar issues.