Icon Flex - Steps to Manually Upgrade the Software

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Manually Upgrading your Software


If your Lifesize Icon Flex is not connected to an outside network, access software updates from software.lifesize.com. You must become a registered user and enter your serial number to access this site.


1. From a web browser, log in to software.lifesize.com and find the software package for your device.


2. Download the upgrade package to your local computer.


3. Connect your local computer (containing the upgrade software) to Lifesize Icon Flex’s USB port.


4. Close any video conferencing application.


5. Choose one: If you are using version 2.5.0 or later:


a. Open the Lifesize Icon Flex administrator interface and log in.


b. Go to Maintenance > System Upgrade and click Select File to find the upgrade package.


c. Click Upload. The upgrade can take several minutes. If you close the window before the file upload completes, the upload is canceled. When the upgrade completes, the system automatically reboots.


If you are using a version earlier than 2.5.0:


a. Carefully lift the base of your Lifesize Icon Flex unit and turn it over.

• Do not lift the device using the camera or pivot bracket.

• Do not rest the camera upside-down on a hard surface.


b. Locate the reset button on the bottom of the camera base.


c. Using the tip of a pen or a thin stylus, press and hold the reset button for approximately one second. Wait until an Lifesize Icon Flex entry appears in your computer’s external drive list. This could take up to 60 seconds.


d. Locate the upgrade file you downloaded to your computer in step


2. Hold down your mouse button and drag the file to the Lifesize Icon Flex drive in your computer’s external drive list, then release it. If your computer prompts you to copy the file to this location, choose Yes.


The upgrade begins automatically. The front LED flashes blue as the upgrade progresses.


NOTE The upgrade may take up to 10 minutes to complete. Do not unplug any cables or reset the device while the upgrade is in progress.


Your Lifesize Icon Flex automatically powers off and back on during the upgrade. When both the front LED and Lifesize Digital MicPod LED are solid blue, the upgrade is complete.


6. Restart your video conferencing application. If necessary, re-select Lifesize Icon Flex as your video and audio device.