How can I find out which recording key was used on a video in UVC Video Centre?

Document created by gman on Apr 15, 2016
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To be able to do this, the UVC Video Centre will need to be on software 2.1 or higher, but it’s not brought out in to the UI.  To get the recording key that was used, what you first need to do is to get the date and time at which the recording started from the appropriate recording log:




Then look in the appropriate ssl_access log from the web server logs section, which may be the one from that day or the day after, depending on when they wrap round:




Just before the recording starts in the log, you will find requests to these URLs logged in that file close to one another:





The recording key is the <pin-number> in that first line of the two; in the example below it's 93125:




You can of course manually look through to find this, or search by endpoint IP perhaps.  You can also search by time if desired, but do note that the time will not match precisely to the start time from the recording log.

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