Providing logs to Support from the UVC Multipoint.

Document created by gman on Apr 15, 2016
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If you're asked to provide logs from UVC Multipoint to Lifesize Support or Engineering, here's a quick guide on how to go about it.


There is log collection feature added in UVC Multipoint 1.5.0(6), which will collect a typical set of logs for troubleshooting. It is now the preferred way to get the logs for the engineering, support, and development teams.


Log in via the web UI and navigate to the Logs tab. You will see a button labelled "Diagnostic report":




Clicking that "Diagnostic report" button will launch the coroner collection process:




Once completed, you will be given the option to save it, which of course you should do:




Once you have it, send it in to the Support agent you've been dealing with.  These can be quite large, and so you'll likely need to use the upload link which the Support agent will have provided you with rather than sending it in by email.

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