Moving a legacy ClearSea server to new VM hardware.

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Please note:  This document talks about legacy ClearSea, and does not apply to UVC ClearSea.


Should you need to migrate a ClearSea VM to a new VM host, this is the correct procedure to follow:

  1. Perform a Backup on the ClearSea server (as double protection just in case anything goes wrong)
  2. Shutdown the ClearSea VM and wait for it to properly power down
  3. Migrate the ClearSea VM to the new host (that is - copy the files etc across)
  4. Power up the ClearSea VM being sure to confirm to the system when asked that the VM has been moved and not copied


The ClearSea VM should restart correctly at this point, and assuming it does, the process is complete - you can delete the old VM files from the original hardware.


If it does not start at all, retry the copy of the VM to the new hardware.


If the ClearSea VM starts up, but gives a Checkpoint Failed error (which is basically a licencing error which usually happens if you tell your VM server you copied the VM rather than moved it) you will at this point need to contact Lifesize Support an open a support case:



You can do this through the page where you can submit a ticket online, or scroll down to find worldwide numbers to call.