Lifesize Server, SfB/Lync and Tunnel Gateway IP Address List

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Customers with firewall policies in place that are restricted to the node addresses used in Lifesize Cloud, must ensure their firewall rules whitelist all of the IP addresses outlined below. Failure to do so may result in loss of access to the service in the event of a fault or failure condition.

Note: IP addresses in blue are not yet live. They have a tentative go-live date of September 10.


LocationFront-End ServerSfB/Lync GatewayDesktop Tunnel GatewayWeb App and New Desktop App
Tunnel Gateway
Amsterdam, Netherlands5.153.63.1625.153.63.1685.153.63.167159.8.41.131
Chennai, India169.38.84.49169.38.84.47169.38.76.194
Dallas, TX, USA23.246.195.823.246.195.623.246.195.2158.85.140.178
Dallas, TX, USA184.173.213.195184.173.213.20150.22.103.178
Frankfurt, Germany159.122.100.42159.122.100.57159.50.10.10
Hong Kong119.81.134.226119.81.134.228119.81.134.231119.81.152.130
London, England5.10.105.2005.10.105.201159.8.144.180
Melbourne, Australia168.1.68.251168.1.68.228168.1.73.132
Mexico City, Mexico169.57.7.200169.57.7.202169.57.1.68
Milan, Italy
San Jose, CA, USA192.155.215.19723.246.216.98192.155.217.58
San Jose, CA, USA169.45.75.100169.45.75.102169.45.78.148
Sau Paulo, Brazil169.57.160.228169.57.160.227169.57.134.146
Toronto, Canada169.53.184.72169.53.184.77158.85.97.148
Washington DC, USA50.97.60.166173.192.205.19550.97.33.58
Washington DC, USA169.55.87.188169.55.87.173169.55.101.52
Amsterdam, Netherlands159.8.223.72169.50.181.180159.8.223.74
Paris, France159.8.77.42159.8.77.36159.8.77.34
Washington DC, USA169.63.70.87169.55.87.174169.63.70.88
Dallas, Tx, USA169.46.49.132169.46.49.136169.46.49.133


The monitoring and calendaring micro services require communication over TCP port 443 with If you are unable to whitelist the domain, the current IP addresses are and

This complete list of Lifesize Cloud front-end server addresses is always current and available under Advanced Settings on the
Lifesize Cloud Admin Console.


Lifesize also announces new server locations and node addresses via the Lifesize Cloud Status Page located at Please subscribe so you’re always in the know.


rev.06.14.2017 to update with information found here:How Calendaring / Icon Monitoring Services Communicate with Lifesize Cloud.

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