Lifesize Cloud New User Q&A

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My PC doesn’t have a camera. What should I do? If you want to join meetings with video, you really need to have one. There are a number of low cost USB cameras available on the market, but you might want to check with your local IT Helpdesk to see if they can provide one.


Can I use my Lifesize phone number and meeting room phone number for audio only calls? Yes, the number works just like an audio conferencing service. Note: If you use your personal number for a meeting, you will have to click answer every time someone calls you. The best approach for a group audio only call is to use a meeting room.


I seem to always have problems connecting to meetings or drop frequently. What’s going on? Lifesize calls with video require an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support video. If you have a slow Internet connection, video probably won’t work well for you. In this case, use the voice option.


Can I present materials on Lifesize and not have a video meeting? Yes. You need to use a virtual meeting room and join using the phone icon using the PC client software. This way you will be able to see or present material from a PC without any video. Note: This is not possible when calling someone from the directory.


Why should I set up a meeting room? A meeting room has its own number, and when participants join no one has to click “Answer” to allow callers to join the meeting. You are just connected. If you need to restrict access to a meeting, you can assign a passcode to restrict access to your meeting room. A meeting room also allows you to host a meeting without video, and still share presentation materials from your laptop or PC.


When someone calls me directly I have to click answer. Why don’t I have to do this for my meetings in my meeting room? When someone calls you directly, it’s just like someone calling you on the phone. You need to answer. Meeting rooms are different. They act like GoToMeeting, or audio conference services. When you call, you just get connected. No one answers the “phone”.


Do I need to set up a different meeting room for all of the different meetings I host? No, not really. You can use your meeting room whenever you want. Just schedule the meetings you want to host and use the same meeting room over and over. The only time you might want to have a second or third meeting room is when you want to enable a password for security purposes. When you have a password on a meeting, participants will be forced to enter the passcode to join.


Sometimes participants in my meetings have difficulty reading the material being presented. What can be done? Lifesize allows you to present an entire desktop or just a particular application. Even if you maximize an application on your screen, a portion is always taken up by the task bar. Presenting just an application provides a better experience for your audience. Note: For meetings that include presenting drawings or large spreadsheets, you should consider hosting the meeting without video. This way there is more screen room for the drawings.


How do I resize the windows in the Lifesize client software? When you are in a meeting you should consider maximizing the Lifesize application window. You do this by clicking the box icon  in the upper right hand corner of the window. The other thing you can do is use the double arrow icons to resize your windows to make the presentation area larger or smaller. Just drag the icon to the left or right. If that doesn’t work for you and video isn’t important, exit the meeting and rejoin in audio only mode. Note: Audio with presentations is only available in a meeting room.


Can I join a meeting without a Lifesize account? Yes, anyone can join a Lifesize meeting they have been invited to. The best way is to download and install the Lifesize Cloud application. When you join the meeting, enter as a guest.


Can I invite someone without a Lifesize account to a meeting? Yes. When you send an invitation to someone, you are sending them a link to your meeting. If they click it, they will be taken to the Lifesize website. The participant can join the meeting as a guest via a web browser or by downloading the software for their system. Note: A user will not be able to join a meeting without having a camera using the web client, but they can join without a camera using the PC, Mac, or smartphone software.


Do I need a Lifesize Cloud account to use one of the video conference rooms? No. You can easily place a call to a person or virtual meeting room using the phone connected to the video conference system. Just look up the meeting or person in the directory and tap on the entry to dial.