WebRTC Client: Failed to connect

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When using Google Chrome, you may encounter this error when navigating to client.lifesizecloud.com

Screenshot 2015-12-08 13.45.55.png


Google has updated Chrome to no longer allow requests for the webcam from insecure sites (non-ssl). Which is causing this error to show up.


A workaround would be to use Internet Explorer for guest dialing from a browser.


NOTE: You can also use our new Call Me page for guest dialing, by using the link below and changing the (123456) to the extension you wish to dial. This will figure out which browser to put you on, and direct you to the right page.




If you need any further assistance, please contact Lifesize Support at the link below:


Submit a Ticket, Lifesize Cloud


EDIT: Please see this article below on the changes coming to the WEBRTC Client and Web App.


The specified item was not found.


Hi Travis,


Thank you for your useful information. Because our customer use WebRTC.


Could you advise more?

-When does user use this URL?

I want to know the possibility to happen this issue to our customer. When user want to invite someone by WebRTC, I suppose that customer use http://lifesizecloud.com/[call id]. Which situation does requires "client.lifesizecloud.com" URL?


Hi Tomoki,


The client.lifesizecloud.com should be used for Guest dialing from Internet Explorer.


For everyone else, we recommend using our new Web App that is for Google Chrome. https://webapp.lifesizecloud.com/#/login


At this time, to Guest dial via the Web App you will need to use the link I posted, and change the extension on the end to the desired extension.


Let me know if you have any further questions. We are here to assist!


Is there a way for Guest to use webapp.lifesizecloud.com ?  Since most of our users uses Google Chrome, unless Lifesize have plan to make the http to https://client.lifesizecloud.com with Chrome again in future.


Hi Ramnik,


At this time for a Guest to use Web App, they will need to use this link: https://manage.lifesizecloud.com/#/call/1234567  and change the 123456 to the extension they wish to dial.


Also, Opera browser has the same issue. Is this issue related to Chrome only or Opera has been updated as well? I've tested both and no one is working for client.lifesizecloud.com. Internet Explorer worked fine but Mac users are locked when customer try to reach some endpoints who are not into Cloud yet.


Hi Roberto,


I am checking on the Opera browser to confirm.


As far as the Mac users are concerned, we are recommending the Web App link above.


Hi Travis, please have you has a chance to test Opera? Web App doesn't support guest users and they're very familiar to do calls via browser due it's simple and no need to install app. This issue is impacting important Cloud customers including some new prospects to Cloud.


I saw the WebRTC link was redirect to Web App but this doesn't address guest users via WebRTC.


Hope to have solution back for Guests & WebRTC.




Hi Roberto,


I have tested Opera, and it too will do the redirect to our new Web app. We have recently announced some changes to the WebRTC Client and our new Web app. You can read the changes on this Community post: The specified item was not found.


I do apologize about this and we are always making improvements to better serve our customers. Which includes IE 11 support to our Web App (coming soon).


One tip I can recommend is to use the Guest Landing page. It will direct the call through the appropriate app when making a call.


Just change the 1234 to your extension:  https://manage.lifesizecloud.com/#/call/1234


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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