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Use this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide as a quick reference to get answers to the most asked questions about Lifesize® Icon 450™.


Q: Why did we create Lifesize Icon 450?

A: Small meetings often tackle big tasks. They require the same communications tools used in large meetings. Lifesize Icon 450 is designed for huddle rooms where video is desired to bring teams and partners closer together and drive everyone toward delivering on the meeting objectives.


Q: Does Lifesize® Phone™ HD work with Lifesize Icon 450?

A: Yes! Lifesize Icon 450 and Lifesize Phone HD make a winning combination for the huddle room. This programmable, touchscreen device delivers exceptional audio and simplifies your meeting room experience by putting all of the essential conferencing functions at your fingertips.


Q: What is smart-framing?

A:  Lifesize Icon 450 is designed with a smart-framing sensor that automatically adjusts the camera to the optimal position, ensuring that everyone is visible and centered. When you walk in the room for your meeting, it’s ready to go.


Q: Is it easy to get started with smart-framing?

A: Yes. When you first install your Lifesize Icon 450 and pair to Lifesize® Cloud, you can set up smart-framing to calibrate to your specific huddle room environment. Smart-framing is disabled until the framing calibration process has been completed.


Q: If I move Lifesize Icon 450 to another room, do I need to recalibrate smart-framing?

A: Yes, whenever Lifesize Icon 450 is moved, whether to a new room or the position within the room, smart-framing should be recalibrated. You should also recalibrate if there is a significant environmental change in the room, such as changes to the lighting or color.


Q: Can I receive a call during the smart-framing calibration process?

A: No. During the calibration process, you cannot receive calls.


Q: Is smart-framing activated when I am not in a call?

A: No. Smart-framing is only activated during a call.


Q: Can I turn smart-framing off during a call?

A: Of course. At any time you can take control of the camera. Smart-framing will remain disabled until you turn it back on or until the next call begins.


Q: During the call before mine, smart-framing was turned off so the team could direct the camera to the white board. Will I need to readjust the camera before my call?

A: No. After a call ends, smart-framing will be reactivated and ready for the next call.


Q: What if several people have left the room and I want to have smart-framing readjust the camera?

A: You can toggle the Framing button off and then on to adjust the frame in the room.


Q: Does Lifesize Icon 450 include a wide-angle lens?

A: Yes. Its exceptionally sharp wide-angle lens provides an expanded field of view, capturing everyone on screen even in small meeting spaces.


Q: Is Lifesize Icon 450 simple to set up?

A: Lifesize Icon 450 is designed for quick setup and deployment. There are only four cables to connect: power, Ethernet, display and Lifesize Link for Lifesize Phone HD. Plus the HD camera system and smart-framing capabilities are integrated into one compact package, so it fits easily on a credenza.


Q: What size room is ideal for Lifesize Icon 450?

A: Lifesize Icon 450 is a perfect fit for huddle rooms. Lifesize defines huddle rooms as approximately 10’ x 10’ (3.05 m x 3.05 m) in size.


Q: Can Lifesize Icon 450 participate in calls with Skype for Business callers?

A: Yes, when paired to Lifesize Cloud*, Lifesize Icon 450 can be added to your existing Skype for Business environment, enabling a superior conference room experience. Use the Skype for Business directory in the huddle room while experiencing exceptional video. Skype for Business users can call into a Lifesize Cloud virtual meeting room or call directly to a Lifesize Cloud user or Lifesize Icon 450.


Q: How do I manage Lifesize Icon 450?

A: Basic tasks can be performed through the on-screen user interface on Lifesize Icon 450 (e.g., setting network defaults or previous software version). With Lifesize Phone HD, you get all of the essential conferencing functions at your fingertips. And the Lifesize Cloud Admin Console gives you the control you need to quickly and easily administer and manage your Lifesize Cloud account and your Lifesize HD camera systems and phones.


Q: Does Lifesize Icon 450 offer a physical input for screen sharing?

A: Yes, Lifesize Icon 450 includes a screen sharing cable that enables 1080p screen sharing for unmatched detail when collaborating with colleagues.


Q: How many displays and cameras does the Lifesize Icon 450 support?

A: Lifesize Icon 450 supports one display and one camera.


Q: I see a connector hole above the Lifesize Link cable slot. Why is it there?

A: That is the screw hole for the strain relief. To eliminate the downward stress that the weight of the Lifesize Link cable puts on the connector, Lifesize added a strain relief connector screw. This supports the cable at the point of connection to Lifesize Icon 450. It’s a simple attachment anyone can master instantly.


Q: How does my software get updated?

A: When you pair your Lifesize Icon 450 to Lifesize Cloud, you’ll always be up to date as the software updates automatically every time a new feature is available.


*Requires Lifesize Cloud Enterprise or Premium Subscription Plan

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