Lifesize Included in LDV's September Industry Briefings

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Let's Do Video, David Maldow, September 12, 2016 (interview with Craig Malloy cmalloy)



Industry Briefings: September 2016


During the course of my regular briefings with industry professionals I often come across information that I find newsworthy. We have created this recurring feature as a way of sharing these items with you. Below, in alphabetical order, are notes and thoughts from a few of my most recent briefings.

I recently spoke with Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize, about the company’s transformation in the last two years. When Craig returned to our industry, just over two years ago, he told me he was going to make some big changes. Many returning (or new) CEOs say that, but it turns out that Craig was very serious. Our industry was in upheaval with the big software/cloud revolution and we were all waiting to see how Cisco, Polycom, and Lifesize would adjust. While all three have certainly made changes, the shift at Lifesize was particularly thorough. It is a rebooted company. On the product side, their Lifesize Cloud service has replaced their hardware infrastructure line. They do, however, still make room systems. The Icon series is now tightly integrated with the Lifesize Cloud. This offers some advantages over choosing cloud and hardware from separate vendors. Craig also had to downsize the company significantly to be a leaner cloud based provider. Finally, he needed to get Lifesize out of Logitech for a fresh start.

A lot has changed in 2 years. Craig is no longer talking about tough transition tasks on his plate, he is talking about spending the last 7 months focusing on growth, success, and generating revenue. He has 3500 cloud customers (companies, not users), with over 15,000 devices supported in the field. The Lifesize Cloud is hosting millions of minutes of video calls a month. Significantly, a large percentage of his customers are outside of the US. Craig is working to make Lifesize Cloud as attractive as possible to his core buyer, the IT person. While workers are getting turned on to video via consumer applications, at some point the IT person has to step in and put everyone on a business ready solution. That means it has to be scalable, secure, and provide interop with existing systems. Lifesize seeks to be the enterprise ready solution that has ease of use for workers, and easy of deployment/management for the IT person.


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